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News … oh yes, there is plenty happening in the background! And that’s why I have been so awfully quiet lately.

Let me reflect a little bit.

November – what a whirlwind month! It started off with preparing for the seminar in Chicago. Nearly everything went as planned – except for one thing: The lesson plan. Yes, I prepared a full lesson plan. Each minute was accounted for. Both Ellen and I were well prepared. BUT … our group was so much fun, that it only took me half an hour to adjust the lesson plan! One has to be flexible and just go with the flow. No group is ever the same. And this seminar was no different.


Not only did we play with the various CPT techniques, but we also explored new concepts and tangled using a variety of different mediums. New friendships were formed. Regular video-chats are part of the weekend now! We also decided to have a reunion in Las Vegas in October 2020! And of course, that’s when another seminar will be happening. This time even Nicole will be able to join us! The seminar will start sometime during the first 2 weeks of October. Keep these dates free in your calendar!

Just before I left for Chicago an idea formed in my head. Selected pattern designers have been working on this ever since. Creative Pattern Tangling has taken a new turn and it is time to separate CPT from pattern-collections. Currently, I am working on the design of a new website. The complexity of this project is nearly overwhelming, but I fight my way through this. The first beta testing has begun – the basic structure is in place. And with the launch of the website the new concepts will be announced. Stay tuned!

To keep everyone engaged during December, I created a December Countdown Challenge. You won’t believe how hard it is to pick only 31 patterns from so many beautiful patterns listed on the site! We always ensure that no pattern is picked twice and that the chosen patterns appeal to the majority of tanglers. At the same time, I try to dig out some ‘oldies’ that haven’t been featured before. And this time I included additional prompts and challenges. Here is the list for the first 8 days:

Daily Pattern Focus: December – End of Year Countdown!

  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 1 2019 – Waybob Revisited by Ellen Wolters
    • Challenge: Weave a ribbon through the pattern
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 2 2019 – Trill by Erika Kehlet
    • Prompt: Large vs small
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 3 2019 – Trieste by Lindy Clarkson
    • Prompt: Purple
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 4 2019 – Versailles by Elaine Benfatto
    • Challenge: Embellish
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 5 2019 – Stargem by Lisa Wick McLean
    • Prompt: Gem
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 6 2019 – Zipfern by Karin Frank
    • Prompt: Red
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 7 2019 – Se-Quential by Sandra Whalen
    • Prompt: Spike me up
  • Daily Pattern Focus: December 8 2019 – Quanxi by Cindy Angiel
    • Challenge: from small to large

We wish you all a good start in December. Happy tangling!

Ina & Nicole

New patterns

BeeBee in the Round by Karen Churchill

Floom by Karen Churchill

Pendant by Lisa Jane

Enrejado s by Charo

Cajas de llaves by Charo

Baldosa by Charo

Fly Belle by Lisa Jane

Swirly Notes by Hennie Brouwer

T-Squares by AngieR

Tudor Rose by Ina Sonnenmoser

Bee Bee Squared by Karen Churchill

Cygnet Ribbon by Lisa Jane


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