Tricia’s Inktober 2019

Tricia Long challenged herself to create a play page for every pattern from the Inktober 2019 prompt list. I captured most of them and put them together in a collage.

It takes a lot of dedication to follow through with such a big undertaking for an entire month! Well done, Tricia!

Now imagine if you had a journal like this at your disposal. What fun to flip through 31 pages. By playing with a pattern this way, Tricia created roughly 6 new patterns or variations each day. Her journal now contains 186 patterns!

How do you something like this? It’s actually pretty easy.

Draw the original pattern, following the step-out. Then ask yourself: “What if …” From here on, you can apply all the CPT Techniques to this pattern. These exercises will boost your creativity and soon you have a whole collection of your very own patterns. The more you practice, the more possibilities you find.

Start off by adding only one CPT Technique. Then move on by combining multiple techniques. The ultimate challenge is when you replace shapes. And the game starts all over! Thousands of patterns are now right at your fingertips!

To see Tricia’s examples, click on the image to see an enlarged view:

Inktober 2019 Play-Pages by Tricia Long 1

Inktober 2019 Play-Pages by Tricia Long 2

Inktober 2019 Play-Pages by Tricia Long 3

Inktober 2019 Play-Pages by Tricia Long 4

Inktober 2019 Play-Pages by Tricia Long 5

I need to warn you: This is very addictive! By challenging yourself you will enter the zone and experience flow – true flow! Not micro-flow! Your artwork will be unique!


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