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I am having a lot of fun preparing for the seminar in Chicago. During the seminar I will be handing out these cute little cards.

CPT Cards

And no, you cannot buy them! First I need to sort out the distribution channels and also add some more cards. Maybe turn this into a proper card game? It will be fun and at the same time a nice reference for all tanglers. But if you are desperate to get your hands on them, register for the seminar ..haha.. That’s a whole new way of marketing!!!
Ellen and I are so excited! At the same time, I feel sorry for the people that sit next to us on the plane. They have to live with 9 hours listening to excited chatting!

By the way, all the CPT techniques you see on the cards are also listed on the website: CPT Techniques

Last week I put a page together where I collect tips for tanglers that lost their Mojo.

Our new pattern designers are hard at work! I can’t even keep up posting all the new patterns within a week. We started with ribbon-based patterns, worked our way up to the circular grid, and now we are tackling grid-based patterns.

And here they are …

New Patterns

Zanholli Too by Hennie Brouwer

Bireel by Wendy Stieglitz

Bireel Bots by Wendy Stieglitz

Bireel Flipped by Wendy Stieglitz

Bireel Jug by Wendy Stieglitz

Cuernos by Charo

Flip Over by Hennie Brouwer

Flip Around by Hennie Brouwer

Joy by Janis Silver

Squeave by Wendy Stieglitz

Reversed S-Row by AngieR

Flion by Wendy Stieglitz

Solar Gear by Beatrice Rusalim

Up and Down All Around by Donna Petry

RangoCup by Sylvia Heijenrath

RangoBee by Sylvia Heijenrath

Jantzi by Janis Silver

Petalach by Tonya Grant

Cosmic Lotus by Lisa Jane

Riverdance by Karen Churchill

Solace Round by Janis Silver

New Videos

Zanholli Too


Flip Over

Flip Around

Scrollwork Inside

Little One

CPT - Smile - Breathe - Draw

Ina & Nicole

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