News, new patterns, and videos of the week

I’m pretty busy with the preparation for the seminar in Chicago. In this workshop, we will be creating a couple of really nice pieces of tangled art! No matter what you expect, I can guarantee you that you will be surprised 🙂

If you haven’t booked yet, here is the link again 🙂

CPT Seminar Chicago 2019

Since the last newsletter, I also posted Practice Sheets ready for download.

Practice Sheets - Free Download

You may have noticed a bunch of new pattern designers making their debut. This is due to the online workshop we are doing right now. You can still join!

Pattern Designer Group on Facebook

Click the image to join the group.

No prior experience is necessary!

You learn:

  • how to create a pattern.
  • how to create step-by-step instructions.
  • how to deconstruct a pattern.
  • what is required in the artwork that is posted with the step-out.
  • how to submit a pattern.

You will also learn by reading all the comments made on new pattern submissions, and together help me teach others by adding your own comments.

Last week I did a poll to find out how many tanglers use the templates that we post each week. It turned out that a lot of people don’t even know they exist! Every time I do a poll in our Facebook group I react to the results. And it will be no different this time 😉 For now, the Templates will stay right where they are, but it is obvious that it’s time to make some changes. Linda Roberts Kennedy inspired me to come up with something a little different. This idea combined with the need to change the Template section is another little project I will be working on next week.

As you can see, running the website is really a full-time job. A job that I enjoy thoroughly! Quite often I get private messages from people that touch me deeply. How lucky am I for being able to bring a little happiness into people’s lives that live thousands of miles away!

And with that being said, it’s back to work!

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy Inktober 🙂


Ina & Nicole

New patterns:

Supreme Lotus by Lisa Jane

Floozy by Wendy Stieglitz

HeartX by Barbara Watson

Spiart Cluster by Tonya Grant

WingDrops Round by Sylvia Heijenrath

WingSpiral by Sylvia Heijenrath

Up and Down Three by Donna Petry

Sail Star by Charo

Sail Expanded by Charo

WolkjesBloom by Nicole Dreyer

Tube-Roll by Kasturi Das

StarZ by Hennie Brouwer

Spiart by Tonya Grant

Ecks-H by Tonya Grant

Up and Down Too by Donna Petry

WingDrops by Sylvia Heijenrath

Flyz by Sandra Whalen

Peertje by Marti Elshout

TriDrops by Sylvia Heijenrath

Sail by Charo

Half Lotus by Lisa Jane

Solace by Janis Silver

6Heart by Wendy Stieglitz

Up and Down by Donna Petry

Podling One by Bob Chernow

Octa Swirl by Hennie Brouwer

New videos:




One thought on “News, new patterns, and videos of the week

  • October 12, 2019 at 11:23 am

    I have loved your site for years. I am unable to make your Chicago conference, but hope you will consider doing another one and getting the word out even earlier.

    Good luck. I know you will have an inspirational time!!


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