CPT Seminar in Chicago

Time to travel and spread Creative Pattern Tangling across the world! Only 5 weeks to go!!!

Yes, Ellen Wolters and I will take the 9-hour flight all the way from Frankfurt, Germany to Chicago. November is such a dreadful month in Europe. Autumn is over and winter hasn’t started yet. What better way to spread some love and creativity than doing a weekend seminar.

CPT Seminar in Chicago

To cover our expenses, the cost to attend the seminar is US$500 per person. Payment is to be made in advance to reserve a space.

This includes six 2-hour sessions, refreshments between classes, and all materials required.

CPT Seminar in Chicago 2019

The classes will be held at 100 Higgins Rd, #L111, Park Ridge, IL 60068. Please note restrooms are available on the top floor (2nd floor) of the building.

18 parking spots are available on the parking lot, and about are 50 street parking spots within 1 block walk from the building.

Anyone requiring a hotel, please book your room at

Springhill Suites by Marriott

Springhill Suites by Marriott

The hotel costs, breakfast, and dinner are not included in the seminar fees!

The hotel is within walking distance; located 0.3 miles away and 5 mins walk.




We will start with an informal Meet & Greet in the hotel lobby on Friday evening, November 8.

Springhill Suites by Marriott

Saturday, November 9, starting at 9 am the first class will begin in the conference room. We have 3 sessions planned for each day, with an hour break between sessions. Brunch and lunch will be served.

The last session will end on Sunday, November 10 between 5 pm and 6 pm.

Ellen and I will also be available on Monday to answer any questions you may have should you intend to become a certified CPT coach and offer classes.


Precisely what is CPT, and what will I learn during the seminar?

The primary goal of Creative Pattern Tangling (CPT) is to create a balanced brain and enter the zone to experience flow.

Metaphorically, our brain is split into the left and right hemispheres. Each half has a different function:

  • The left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking, analyzing facts, and to solve mathematical problems.
  • The right hemisphere deals with emotion, intuition, and creativity.

Already as school children, we are placing more emphasis on the development of the left side. Art and music are secondary subjects.

What happens when the left hemisphere of our brain is dominant?

It affects our decision making. We are suppressing emotions, imagination, and awareness. As humans, we have a distinct advantage over computers because we can think creatively.

Why are we not developing the right side of our brain to make the most of this advantage?

Our brains can change!

Neuroplasticity is a fascinating subject. Every day our brain produces new brain cells. Irrelevant of your age, you can learn something new every single day.

If you do not activate the new cells, your body will not supply the new cells with nutrients, and they die. It is time to take control and stimulate these new cells. We can influence which part of the brain we want to train.

By activating our creativity, we simultaneously engage all the cells located in the right hemisphere.

“Cells that wire together, fire together.” Neuropsychologist Donald Hebb first used that phrase in 1949. It means you are “firing” all the cells that are “wired” to this activity while boosting your creativity. The right side of your brain receives more nutrients and grows.

Why do I believe it is so essential to balance the brain?

I believe that most of us act more like robots, forgetting empathy, feelings, and emotions. In our jobs, we are asked to think creatively. We all know that it is crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym, and ensure a healthy diet. Why are we not training and feeding our brain every day? There are many ways to do that. You could learn to play an instrument, for example. Writing your songs would have the same effect on your brain development that CPT has.

  • During the CPT seminar, we teach you how to exercise the right hemisphere of your brain.
  • We will also enable you to enter the “zone” and experience “flow.” Flow is the optimal state of consciousness. A condition where we feel our best and perform our best! I love teaching this part of CPT. We can help people forget pain, anxiety, or depression. You enter this happy place where the world around you ceases to exist. (My kids are not pleased about this, though, because it also means many burnt dinners!)
  • It does not matter if you believe you cannot draw. If you can write your name, you can also practice Creative Pattern Tangling. We use simple shapes to create patterns.
  • You will learn to apply CPT techniques to make each pattern unique.
  • We teach you how to improve your drawing skills, use templates, and play with existing patterns. At the same time, I try to incorporate as many scientifically tested self-help aspects.
  • Through continuous research, I find new ways to make Creative Pattern Tangling beneficial to different aspects of your life.
  • For example, I learned that smiling produces happiness chemicals in your brain. We start each CPT session by smiling for 60 seconds. This simple exercise produces feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Smiling lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. During the 60 seconds, I ask you to control your breathing to establish a stable rhythm. On the count of 4, breathe into your chest, and breathe out slowly to the count of 6. Maintain this rhythm throughout your CPT session. Rhythmic breathing puts you in a positive emotional state and provides your brain with a constant regulated supply of oxygen.

During the six sessions, you will learn:

    • how to control your heart rate and produce feel-good chemicals in your brain.
    • how to enter the zone and experience flow.
    • how to build up muscle memory to improve your drawing skills.
    • how to draw, create, and modify a pattern.
    • how to create beautiful and unique artwork.
    • and how to rewire your brain.
    • After the final class, you receive a certificate of participation.
    • Anyone interested in becoming a certified CPT coach will gain access to our CPT coach support group.

From experience, I have learned that CPT is not something that can be taught through books or write-ups on the website. Tanglers that have attended a CPT seminar have changed the way they look at patterns. Each person is unique and has different requirements. During the seminar, I can personalize each lesson, ensuring you are on the right track to enter the zone and experience flow.

You might think, “I forget everything around me when I tangle. I’m in the zone.” Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

What you are experiencing is called micro-flow. Micro-flow can be achieved by coloring your artwork or following step-by-step instructions to draw a pattern. To experience true flow, different criteria need to be met. During the seminar, I can teach you how!

Do not wait for the next opportunity to come along. Enroll now! Your tangling will change, and tangling will have a new meaning in your life.

To reserve a spot, please send an email to ina @ pattern-collections.com or get in touch through Facebook.

Looking forward to making new friends!


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