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It’s been a really busy week for me! Last weeks focus was on adding line weight to a pattern and experience the transformation. Here is the link to the summary of the post, where I played with the daily pattern and show in detail how I work with line weight.

Since the Creative Tribal Tangling eBook was published, I have seen an incredible development in the artwork posted in our Facebook group. I want to thank everyone that tried out writing their name using Mayan Glyphs. It makes me very happy to see artwork like these masterpieces by Tricia Long appear!

Tribal Mandala by Tricia Long

Maya Glyph Artwork by Tricia Long

Our Inktober 2019 list is ready, and to warm up, I prepared Practice Sheets – it’s a free download!

We now have a page on the website containing the Procreate video tutorial collection for digital tangling. I will be adding more videos as they become available.

As you can see, there is a lot going on behind the scene!

This weeks template was definitely inspired by Mayan glyphs 😉 Of course, you can tangle this in any way you like!

CPT Template 61

In our weekly step-out challenge, I presented the pattern designers with this:

Challenge No 6

Hennie Brouwer created the step-out for this pattern:

Crossing by Hennie Brouwer

And that brings me to the new patterns posted this week:

Rang-o-pipe by Kasturi Das

Parabolic Crossed by Silke Wagner

Flandala by Ina Sonnenmoser

Bullite by Cindy Aldridge

Three Angle by Agneta Landegren

Flora-Star by Kasturi Das

HenLi Ribbon by Lisa Jane

New videos

Pinwheel Tessellation



Funky Flyer



Casper Too


Parabolic + Paradox

That’s it for this week! Wishing you a great weekend and a good start into InkTober!

Ina & Nicole

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