Procreate video tutorial collection for digital tangling

Beth Russ, Wendy Stieglitz, and other tanglers have posted some really nice links to video tutorials for beginners and advanced users of Procreate. It would be sad to have them buried under all the postings in our Facebook group.

This page is static! We will continuously add new links.

All the essentials you need to get started, I wrote in these 3 posts:

Digital tangling on the iPad with Procreate – New canvas, drawing basics
Digital tangling on the iPad with Procreate Part 2 – Layers, importing images, saving your work
Digital tangling on the iPad with Procreate Part 3 – Color, shading, and texture

Beginner: Intro to Procreate: Learning to Draw on the iPad
01:10 Recommended Hardware
02:35 Gallery View
03:12 Canvas Templates
03:29 Brushes
04:45 Undo/Redo/Clear/Eraser
05:34 Working with Color
06:44 Smudge
07:01 Layers
09:47 Quickline & Quick shape
10:59 Selection Tool
11:40 Transform Tool
14:31 Adjustments Menu
15:03 Liquify
15:27 Adjusting Colors with HSB
15:52 Tracing from a Reference Photo
16:37 Crop and Resize
16:48 Drawing Guides and Symmetry
17:31 Time-Lapse Replay
18:03 Sharing your Art
18:27 Organizing Files
19:10 Helpful Resources

Beginner: 7 PROCREATE TIPS that will leave you SPEECHLESS!
1. Adjusting the threshold when filling an object
2. Move the brush/opacity slider up and down
3. Quick show/hide all layers
4. Duplicate multiple layers
5. Copying multiple layers to another document
6. Reference layers
7. Connecting your iPad to an external monitor

Intermediate: 10 TIPS for better BLENDING in Procreate

Intermediate: How To: Make Custom Brushes in Procreate

Intermediate: 3 Ways to Make Gradients in Procreate!

Advanced: Procreate masks explained and how to use them: Alpha lock, clipping masks, and layer masks

Advanced: Making a Marble Effect in Procreate: Bardot Brush

Advanced: 5 Ways to Recolor in Procreate

Advanced: How to Make a Simple 3D Button in Procreate on the iPad


2 thoughts on “Procreate video tutorial collection for digital tangling

  • September 24, 2019 at 1:59 am

    I wish I owned an iPad.
    Can it work on an iPhone SE?
    Anyway I decided to take each of the lovely examples and work with them on paper till I get some experience and then move to this awesome small book with the greatest thick pages to TANGLE on.
    Thank you for sharing all of this fantastic Tangling patterns.
    I enjoy this website and look forward to every email received from you.
    Carol Maloney

    • September 24, 2019 at 7:22 am

      Hi Carol. I don’t think digital tangling works on an iPhone Maybe one day they release an iPhone where you can connect a pen and draw digitally on it? You never know where technology will lead us. And I am glad that you enjoy the website and find inspiration. Hugs, Ina


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