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The tribal week was really exciting! If you haven’t got the eBook, it’s not too late! There is so much we can learn about patterns when looking at the very basics of ethnic art. I am really cautious about what words to use, as I don’t want to offend anyone! My learning journey will continue into analyzing art from ancient Mexico. The 12 months I spent in Belize, visiting various Mayan temples, made me appreciate the culture.

Yesterday I posted a little fun exercise, challenging you to try and write your name in Mayan hieroglyphs. Many of you might think that this isn’t related to tangling at all, but part of Creative Pattern Tangling is to engage your brain. It’s an exercise to create new pathways in your brain.
The glyphs are also very inspiring. Each one of them is a tangle on its own! The more I look, the more I see! But we leave that for another time 🙂

In our pattern designer group, I posted a pattern that needed deconstruction:

Challenge No 5

We came up with two different options:

HenLi One by Hennie BrouwerHenLi Two by Lisa Jane

Isn’t it amazing how our brains solve the puzzle in different ways? Hennie Brouwer was focussing on the negative space, whereas Lisa Jane looked at the lines.

Anyway, this weeks theme will be on LineWeight. Tribal Tangling has definitely inspired some tanglers to dig out pens with thicker nibs.

CPT Line Weight

The Daily Pattern Focus will include patterns that allow you to change the look by varying the thickness of the lines.

Inspired by the Mayan glyph for NE, I created this weeks template:

CPT Template 60

New patterns

HenLi One by Hennie Brouwer

HenLi Two by Lisa Jane

Mayan Glyph Fantasia by Ina Sonnenmoser

Wolkjes by Nicole Dreyer

WolkjeTripple by Nicole Dreyer

WolkjesZickZack by Nicole Dreyer

New Videos

Creative Tribal Tangling E-book review



Gemstone Flower







And with this, I wish you a relaxing weekend!

Ina & Nicole

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