News, new patterns, and videos of the week

It’s been a very busy week for me!

Thanks again, Scrapping Chel for composing the InkTober 2019 prompt list! 2 years ago I released one new pattern a day for the 31 days of InkTober. I will try and do something similar this year 🙂

The new eBook, Creative Tribal Tangling received a lot of positive feedback. I am so happy that I managed to inspire once again.

I invite you to try Freeform Tribal Tangling on this weeks template.

CPT Template 59

Below you find the artwork I created using this template.

Freeform Tribal Tangling by Ina Sonnenmoser

CPT Training Seminar in Chicago

Everything is settled and booked. Ellen Wolters and I will be holding the first CPT seminar in the United States! 2 days full of fun! Finding the perfect venue to hold the event was a challenging task. The formality of a hotel meeting room wasn’t appealing. My teaching style requires more flexibility. Have a look at this cute space I managed to book for us!

CPT Seminar in Chicago 2019

The hotel is right across the road. More details will follow in a separate post.

And here are the new patterns posted this week:

Groovy Lino Too by Tricia Long

StarPurse by Nicole Dreyer

Four Petal Aura by Sylvia Heijenrath

Bobble Lines Petals by Sylvia Heijenrath

Imbali Roll by Kasturi Das

New videos

Creative Tribal Tangling eBook Flip-through

Triangle Diamonds


Pursuit Curve

Cherry Blossom fairies


Kwakkel Three


Yin Yang

Ina & Nicole

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