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Our pattern designers still have a lot of fun deconstructing patterns. Last week I presented them with the following challenge:

Deconstruction Challenge No 3

The way it is displayed right now, it really is a challenge. My tip for anyone that wants to deconstruct a pattern: Look at the pattern from different perspectives!

Deconstruction Challenge No 3

Suddenly it does not look so intimidating any more as we can clearly see a square grid.

The deconstruction of this pattern was a team effort. Ellen Wolters, Lisa Jane, Sylvia Heijenrath, Hennie Brouwer, and I were all presenting different variations. Each one of these people should receive credit on the step-out. Since we are all doing this for fun and want to share these patterns with the world, it doesn’t really matter whose name is on the step-out. Lisa did draw the final step-out though. So here it is:

Curly Square by Lisa Jane

And here are all the other new patterns added:

Tessellation 3636 CPT Base Pattern

Tessellation 4.8.8 CPT Base Pattern

ZigZag Illusion by Ina Sonnenmoser

Kiki by Kasturi Das

4C Art-Deco by Sylvia Heijenrath

New videos:




Tendrils Flip

Feathering Spiral




Wagon Wheel

Vikings 2




Pod de Pois



Square Diamond

And with this, we wish you a lovely week ahead!

Ina & Nicole

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