Deconstructing patterns continued

Deconstructing patterns becomes easier the more you familiarise yourself with shapes. This week I presented our pattern designers with the following pattern:

Deconstruct Challenge No 2

Looking for shapes:

When looking at the pattern, most people see the drawing and how it’s made up. But a drawing can be an optical illusion. Below I marked what most people see first. The interrupted circle (marked in black) and the weaving chains (marked in red).

Deconstruct pattern

To deconstruct a pattern you have to shift your focus and find the underlying structure. I located a grid (marked in green).

The next step is to look for common shapes. In this case, the most prominent shape I found was the 4C-Shape.

Deconstruct pattern 1

Now, this was a really hard one! All the circles are very distracting, but I did find another underlying grid!

Deconstruct pattern 2

When putting all of this together, suddenly the pattern does not look so intimidating anymore.

Deconstruct pattern 3

Now we add more S-Shapes to create the ribbon:

Deconstruct pattern 3a

All that is missing now is a little bit of corner rounding. With the corner rounding, you are creating the ring.

Deconstruct pattern 3b

And here we have the final result:

Deconstruct pattern 5

Ellen Wolters was so kind as to prepare a video for this pattern (I called it 4C Rope), and also shows an alternative way of drawing the pattern. Step-outs will follow soon!


From a CPT Pattern designer view, I noticed a lot more that is going on. Stopping at Step 2, it is a perfect CPT base pattern.

CPT Base pattern Example

From a base like this, you can create tons of new patterns by adding the various CPT Techniques. I prepared this example.

All the CPT Techniques are explained in detail on this page.

4C - CPT Base Pattern

Stopping at Step 4 (Pattern name: 4C Coffeebean) you can create just as many different patterns by applying the CPT Techniques.

Deconstruct pattern 3

I am looking forward to seeing your creative pattern tangling!

There will be no weekly summary, as we are having our tangle meeting in the Netherlands this weekend. With some luck, we might be able to transmit a live video!



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  • August 22, 2019 at 1:53 am

    Love learning how to look at the patterns around me. It also helps me understand the patterns I draw.


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