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Hello everyone!

I won’t be able to post the weekly summary next weekend, as both Nicole and I, together with Ellen Wolters and a couple of tanglers will be at a relaxing tangle weekend in the Netherlands.

Our pattern designers are having a lot of fun deconstructing patterns. Last weeks challenge was to deconstruct a pattern I found on Pinterest.

Deconstruct Egyptian Line

It wasn’t easy, but turned out to be easier than everyone thought!

Hennie Brouwers drew the step-out.

Egyptian Line by Hennie Brouwer

And that prompted me to bring up this CPT Template:

CPT Template 57

Next week I will put the daily pattern focus on patterns that are suitable to tangle gems, stones, diamonds, and crystals.

Gems, Stones, Diamonds and Crystals

I wish you a relaxing weekend!

Ina & Nicole

Daily Pattern Focus

  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        17 2019 – Triangle Diamonds by Amanda Rose Rambo
  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        16 2019 – V-Snail by Yvonne Pranschke-Fleer
  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        15 2019 – Sliders by Lila Holter
  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        14 2019 – Reencuentro by Carlos Cano
  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        13 2019 – Pushy Swirl by Liz Drake
  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        12 2019 – Pursuit Curve by Silke Wagner
  • Daily Pattern Focus: August        11 2019 – Full Funls Reborn by Ina Sonnenmoser

New Patterns

3Pair by Hennie Brouwer

Werwelas by Spring

RangoRing by Nicole Dreyer

Casper Too by Cecile Graat

Casper by Cecile Graat

Dhupa by Tricia Long

Folded Wing by Kasturi Das

Stappel Flower by Nicole Dreyer

Kwakkel Three by Nicole Dreyer

Kwakkel by Nicole Dreyer

Kebab by Tricia Long

New Videos





Rim 1




Wavy Book


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