Weekly focus: Warp the grid

Grid-based patterns make a great addition to your pattern collection. I noticed that most people draw these patterns in a square (sometimes in a rectangle). Not many tanglers try their hand on a warped grid. It’s time to inspire you to try something else!

Paragon on a warped grid
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When you first start drawing a pattern on a warped grid, pick an easy pattern and work your way up to the more difficult patterns. We currently have over 350 patterns listed that are based on a square grid. There are more grid-based patterns that are based on a hexagonal grid and on a circular grid. For now, we will concentrate on the square grid and work our way up.

If this is the first time you try your hand at a warped grid, then I recommend starting with a simple pattern and also with an easy grid. Here are some examples sorted by difficulty:

Warped Grid Examples
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  1. The lines stay straight. This should be your first warped grid to practice on.
  2. This grid has extensions, but all the lines are still straight.
  3. It becomes more difficult now. The horizontal lines are no longer straight but have a slight curve.
  4. Even more difficult. Not only the horizontal but also the vertical lines are no longer straight.
  5. Resizing from small to large and back to small is considered advanced warping.
  6. This is extreme! Only try a warped grid like this if you have practiced all other variations.

Tip: Ensure that you can still tangle in your smallest block! Once the grid becomes too small, it will be frustrating and confusing to tangle.

And here is a note to all our digital tanglers: Yes, you can draw the pattern on a square grid and then use the warp tool. I consider this cheating 😉 Digital tangling is also about challenging yourself.

Below is an example of how I applied Ytterbium to Warped Grid 2

Artwork 2 Warped Grid by Ina Sonnenmoser

Here I used Warped Grid 4 and filled it with Auwacka Too.

Artwork 4 Warped Grid by Ina Sonnenmoser

This time I tangled Warped Grid 6. I had a couple of failed attempts thinking that I could draw Flip Flap. It actually didn’t look that good, so I settled for the all-time favorite: Flower of Life

Artwork 6 Warped Grid by Ina Sonnenmoser

The upcoming week will show different grid-based patterns in the daily pattern focus.

Our Template for the week encourages you to apply one or more patterns to a warped grid.

CPT Template 55

With this, I wish you a wonderful weekend! I hope that I have you inspired you once again!



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  • August 3, 2019 at 12:37 am

    Thanks for all the challenges you give us.


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