Exploring Spirals

As a feature week, we want to focus on the Spiral Shape.  Pattern-collections.com has now a selection in the Framework section, that allows you to browse by Shape. Here you will find all patterns containing Spirals in one way or another.

Patterns containing Spirals Spiral Artwork 1

Please note, all other sections are currently under construction. Sorting through over 2000 patterns takes a bit of time.

I have prepared a practice page for anyone that struggles drawing spirals. Of course, you heard the term “Practice makes perfect“. When it comes to tangling, there is a simple explanation of why practicing a certain shape will improve your tangling. It has to do with muscle memory. If you draw a certain shape for 5 minutes a day, you build up muscle memory. Repeating this for 5 consecutive days will put this memory into your long term memory. Practicing once only will only temporarily improve your skill to draw that shape consistently.

As an example, I want to point out that we all have a signature. No matter what pen you use or what the circumstances, your signature looks always the same. This movement is stored in your long term memory. And this can be done with any shape as well. The first day you practice the spiral it will probably not look the same across the page. Repeating the exercise for a couple of days, you will see how easy it is to draw that shape even freehand, without any template.

I prepared this practice sheet. Print 5 copies and practice drawing the spirals for a couple of minutes for 5 days in a row. Don’t skip a day and also don’t think that your spirals look perfect after the third day. It is important to store the hand movement in your long term memory.

During the first week draw the spirals always in the same direction! Start on the outside and move towards the inside. The following week you can practice drawing spirals starting from the inside.

Practice Sheet Spirals

Tricia Long came up with a few nice patterns containing spirals:

Pin Curls by Tricia LongFreedom Spinner by Tricia Long

Lisa Jane created:

Tri-Curl by Lisa Jane

Silke Wagner designed:

Snailway by Silke WagnerTumble by Silke Wagner

Of course, there are many new patterns containing spirals which we will introduce during the course of the week and you can look through older patterns that contain spirals.

We differentiate between 2 types of spirals.

The first one is the archimedean or arithmetic spiral.

Archimedean Spiral

The other one is the logarithmic spiral, also known as the golden spiral, based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Golden Spiral

When it comes to tangling a spiral-shaped template, there are a couple of tips I want to share with you.

Tangling a spiral - center point

All lines should always point to the center point. It is much easier to apply patterns to a spiral when you add guidelines with a pencil.

Tangling a spiral - center point 1

Also, aim at the center point when drawing overlapping shapes.

Tangling a spiral - center point 2

The main petals (in black) point toward the center point. The feathering though is directed towards the end of each petal.

Tangling a spiral - shading

When shading, apply a layer of graphite around the spiral shape.

Tangling a spiral - shading continued

And only after this first layer of shading has been applied, shade the rest of the pattern (in this case the overlapping petals)

Tangling a spiral - shading color

The same applies when shading in color.

Adding grid-based patterns to a spiral template:

Adding Grid to a Spiral

When tangling a grid-based pattern to a spiral you need to divide the spiral (light green line). Afterward, add gridlines and then tangle each section as you would when tangling a straight grid.

Spiral Artwork 1 Spiral Artwork 2


Spiral Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser


Ellen Wolters prepared a video containing tips on how to draw a spiral template. Don’t forget to subscribe to her channel!


I hope that I managed to inspire you once again. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and artwork in our Facebook group. This group is dedicated to this website and Creative Pattern Tangling. To join, you have to click the link and answer all 3 questions. We keep getting join requests where people don’t answer the questions. Needless to say that these requests will be declined.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend!


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