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Finally, summer has arrived in Europe. It is HOT! But nevermind, our pattern designers are still busy. This week we published 22 new patterns. One more beautiful than the next. On each step-out, we show variations of a pattern to inspire you even more to apply Creative Pattern Tangling. Patterns posted are for your inspiration only. You can follow the step by step instructions, or stop along the line and create your own version.

Grayscale Mandalas by Ellen Wolters
For anyone that feels like coloring in and struggles with shading, I can recommend the new book by Ellen Wolters: Grayscale Mandalas. The images are pre-shaded, and of course, full of tangles!

It is available on and and also makes a great gift!

And if you want to meet Ellen, Nicole, and myself in person, why not join us for a weekend in the Netherlands?

Ina & Nicole


And here is the new template of the week. To view all previously posted templates, click here.

CPT Template 50

New patterns

Flostar by Hennie Brouwer

Pendant by Lisa Jane

Cygnet by Lisa Jane

Penguins by Silke Wagner

Ornamental Fences by Sylvia Heijenrath

Small Trumpets by Sylvia Heijenrath

Wormhole Doubled by Cheryl O'Connor

Hinged Tringed by Cheryl O'Connor

Rolled Leaf Flower by Ina Sonnenmoser

FlipSide by Ina Sonnenmoser

FlipPetal by Ina Sonnenmoser

FlipFlower by Ina Sonnenmoser

Trileg by Karin Frank

Triflow by Karin Frank

Hedgie by Nicole Dreyer

Ringlop by Karin Frank

Loop to Flow by Karin Frank

Loop'n Heart by Karin Frank

3-Arm-Loop by Karin Frank

3-Arm-Loop around by Karin Frank

Step-Up by Ina Sonnenmoser

New videos






S-Vine Revisited

Love Lillies


Flower funnel


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