Base Patterns – where it all begins

After analyzing patterns for years, I came to the conclusion that most patterns consist of a base with added techniques.

During Rangoli week it was clear that it’s time to rip patterns to pieces and find the underlying base pattern. Base patterns are listed in this section on this website.

Allow me to explain the concept behind the idea by using an example:

We have the base pattern 4 Drop – once you remember how to draw the base pattern and apply the various techniques, you no longer need to remember all the patterns that were created from the same base pattern. To play with any shape, the combination of shapes or patterns will come naturally to you.

4 Drop Base Pattern

Many patterns can be made up from this starting point.

Add the “Folded Technique” to it, and you get 4 Drop Folded.

4 Drop Folded by Ina Sonnenmoser

Add Feathering and you get 4 Drop Doily.

4 Drop Doily by Tricia Long

Add additional shapes to the base pattern and you come up with patterns like 4 Drop Kolam or 4 Drop Diamond.

4 Drop Kolam by Ina Sonnenmoser 4 Drop Diamond by Ina Sonnenmoser

You are capable of coming up with any of these variations of this base pattern by yourself and create many more! It is really easy.

Any base pattern will inspire you to create a ton of variations to use in your artwork. Not to mention all the fun you have while creating your very own collection of patterns. Your artwork will be unique! Instead of following step-by-step instructions, use the step-outs for inspiration. Come up with your own idea; get creative!

What if - how to apply CPT to a base pattern
Click image for a full-screen view

All the CPT techniques can be applied to any base pattern. Create your very own version of a pattern, boost your creativity, and bring your tangling to a new level.

Every pattern consists of shapes and techniques. There is no exception! A clever combination of both creates incredible patterns. The base patterns provide a starting point to expand your creativity!

Please share your discoveries in our Facebook group with other tanglers. We love to inspire each other!





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