New patterns, videos and template of the week

Hello there!

I have a couple of announcements to make today.

Firstly, Nicole is off to a well-deserved break. Not sure how she managed to keep up with all of this by herself?

Last week I started a series of write-ups covering Shading Basics. You might want to have a look at the 2 write-ups 🙂

We have also planned a group-hug and tangling session in The Netherlands. Click here to find out more. You only pay for your own accommodation and food!

This weeks template looks like fun. Give it a try and share with us in our Facebook group. Remember, if you want to join as a new member, you have to answer the 3 questions!

Weekly template:

CPT Template 46

14 new patterns:

Blath by Silke Wagner

Skarab by Alice Hendon

Loop Screen by Alice Hendon

Line Dance by Alice Hendon

Crowsant by Simona Cordara

Zigmat by Kasturi Das

S-Vine Revisited by Ellen Wolters

Ellipse by Hennie Brouwer

Orchid Flower by Lisa Jane

Diamond-Inn by Sylvia Heijenrath

Flower funnel by Lisa Jane

Kushee by Verena Bossert

StarfishLeaf by CĂ©cile Graat

Lanceola by Ulima Dennhardt

New videos:

Swaddle Flowering


Crossing Over




Centre Square

Carry Leaf


Remember! SMILE before you tangle 🙂 Holding a smile for a couple of seconds will increase the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin in your brain. It can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Tangle on, my friends!



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