Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 8

Creative Pattern Tangling


Firstly I would like to welcome the numerous new members from a neighboring Facebook page: 100Mandalas. Kathryn Costa is running a Mandala Challenge right now!

July Mandala Challenge

Watch the video and get the contest details.

Post your entries in the Sharing Circle.

Not a member of the Sharing Circle? Join here for free.

In CPT we embrace color! This week we will discuss using colored pens to tangle.

Picking colors

Color Wheel

Complementary Colors

I prepared 2 Mandalas using Faber Castell Polychromos to demonstrate the same design drawn with Split Complementary and Triad color combinations:

Split Complementary Triad

Now it is really only a matter of personal taste. But my conclusion is that both combinations look harmonious.

Here is the triad color combination digitally colored:

Triad Color Combination

Another option to pick colors is to do a Google Search for Color Palette or look on pinterest.

What I personally really like about tangling in color, there are no harsh black lines!

And here is yesterdays tangle. I drew this last night when I couldn’t sleep using ballpoint pens:

Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

Regular tangling, CPT tangling, Mandalas, or even Steampunk. Give it a try to use a colored pen this week when tangling. Share your artwork in our Facebook group.

I am looking forward to your creations!



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