Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 6

Creative Pattern Tangling
Last weekend I took a 7-hour train ride to attend a tanglers meeting in Magdeburg. Connecting with like-minded people is simply amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended. Many new friendships have been made and I am happy to be part of your group.

Today I have prepared a new template for you:

CPT Template Crossover CPT Template Crossover

You can experiment with different line techniques on templates too! Below you see a couple of examples that show how you can modify any line.

CPT Template Crossover for CPT Journey

This applies to patterns too. Instead of drawing a pattern with a standard line, you can enhance it by playing around.

CPT Lines

This week I want to invite you to apply CPT Techniques to a pattern by Theresa Beebe: Hollywood Squares

Hollywood Squares by Theresa Beebe

Exchange shapes, apply different line options (shown above) or change the line weight.

This week we are also starting a new Steampunk Week

We have prepared a few new Steampunk Patterns that will be posted throughout the week.

Have a great weekend!


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