Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 5

Creative Pattern Tangling
Today I would like to share with you how a typical CPT session begins. In Creative Pattern Tangling, we use shapes and techniques like building blocks.

I decided to play with auras in my journal.

CPT Loop plus Aura

All 3 of these patterns immediately appealed to me.

Loop and Aura Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

Instead of tangling with a marker, I decided to use Polychromos. These pencils can be sharpened to a very fine point. By adding multiple layers you can achieve great results. The outline of a shape can already get different color values. Here is a close-up:

Tangling with Polychromos

There will be a special write-up where I show you how to tangle with Polychromos in the future. And for anyone wondering how to draw Loop Fill and Spiral Aura, I prepared the step outs:

Loop Fill by Ina SonnenmoserSpiral Aura by Ina Sonnenmoser

When you practice CPT you will produce a ton of great patterns. And it doesn’t matter if they exist or not, they came out of your head! This journey is also not about creating patterns to share. Not everyone wants to draw step by step instructions. That’s okay. You are creating for yourself and produce your own unique artwork. However, if you want to share your pattern, please have a look at How to CREATE a pattern step-out.

Today I would like to share another 2 CPT Techniques – Striping and Line Weight

CPT Technique: Striping

By adding auras or feathering nearly any pattern can be striped.

CPT Technique Striping

Here is an example: Loop Fill without and with striping:

Loop Fill Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser Loop Fill with Striping

Another example is the Flower of Life – Striping was added in 2 different ways:

Flower of Life Striped

CPT Technique: Line Weight

Patterns can be enhanced by changing the line weight; the line thickness.

Below you see an example of a normal wave and how it can be changed by modifying the width of the line.

  1. Normal wave
  2. Changed the line weight in strategic places
  3. The result when changing line weight at different places in a pattern

CPT Line of Beauty

You can apply this to any shape and any pattern:

CPT Line Weight Examples

Look at the circles used for filling and compare No 1 and No 2:

CPT Artwork Example Line Weight

CPT Artwork Example by Ina Sonnenmoser


Artists refer to the Hogarth’s Line of Beauty or the Universal Line of Beauty. I found 2 videos on YouTube that explain Hogarth’s Line of Beauty or the Universal Line of Beauty:


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Until next week!


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