Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 4

Creative Pattern Tangling
Replacing shapes in existing patterns is just one of many CPT techniques to get started with Creative Pattern Tangling. After your brain has made new connections, you no longer need to look at a pattern step-out.

Creating a pattern from shapes

Let us take a step back and define the word pattern. “A pattern is a series or sequence that repeats.”

Tangle patterns consist of defined shapes that can be arranged to form a pattern.

Creating a pattern

  1. Take this rice-corn shape. Repeat as shown in the first row
  2. Rotate and repeat as shown in the second row.
  3. Vary the size
  4. Combine multiple shapes

Creating a pattern

  1. Rotate the shapes
  2. Repeat the design
  3. Expand in different directions
  4. Repeat and rotate the shape
  5. The same can be applied to other shapes.

Now it is your turn to get creative. Pick your 2 favourite shapes rotate, resize, flip and repeat until you find a pattern that you like.

Applying techniques to create patterns!

Today we will begin to learn about the various techniques of CPT. In Lesson 1 we briefly discussed the folding technique. Lesson 2 covered the Feathering– and Aura Technique. I prepared a special page that explains each technique in detail. Some patterns are made up of a combination of shapes in conjunction with techniques.

CPT Techniques

One CPT technique that can be applied to any shape or modify existing patterns is the Paradox Technique.

Today I would like to use a few shapes and apply the various techniques to see what will happen.

A circle with the Single Fold Technique looks like this:

Orb Single Fold

This shows the circle after applying the Folded Technique:

CPT Technique Circle 3 Fold

And below is an example using the Folded Technique with 4 folds:

CPT Technique Circle 4 Fold

The example below shows the circle after the Paradox Technique was applied:

Paradox 3 with lines Circle

Of course, the Aura Technique, Feathering-, and Filling Technique change a simple circle again. I won’t show examples here.

Combining shapes with CPT Techniques

Starting a typical CPT session you pick a shape. In the example below you see that I decided to play with a loop and aura:

CPT example

Afterward, I started drawing in my journal:

CPT Journal 

I could now apply other CPT techniques, such as diSappear,  Wrapping, or Weaving.

CPT Journal

Play around with the various techniques and shapes. Next week I will introduce more CPT techniques.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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  • September 28, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    I love it so much, si c’è a was a child my mom told me I was always doing this kind of art, and when she asked me what are you doing, and my answer was all the time, i don’t know, it lets me feel so happy!!!


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