Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 3

Creative Pattern Tangling
Today we begin the third part in a series of the Creative Pattern Tangling Journey!

Replacing shapes!

In Creative Pattern Tangling (CPT) we use patterns for inspiration only! Instead of following step by step instructions, we not only play with a pattern, we create our very own version of it. Before you begin tangling, you play with a pattern on scrap paper. Let’s take the Flower of Life as an example:

Flower of Life

What happens when you replace the C-Shapes with straight lines?

CPT Replacing C with straight line

And how will it look if you turn this V-shape into 2 C-Shapes?

CPT replace V with 2 C-Shapes

What happens when you replace the original C-Shape with an S-Shape?

CPT Replace C with S-Shape

How will it look if we replace the C-Shape with a Loop?

If we replace the dots from the grid with circles, squares, triangles, or drops,

CPT Replace the dots

and connect them with different shapes you get the following results:

CPT Connect

Of course, there are even more options. Connect the circles with C-Shapes, combine C-Shapes and S-Shapes etc. etc.

What will happen when you add auras or feathering?

CPT Add Aura or Feathering

So far I used ONE pattern and created TEN new versions of it! I personally love the one below. Instead of connecting the dot grid with C-Shapes, I used an S-Shape instead. Then I applied feathering (previously I called this technique echolines. I am honoring the request to refrain from using the word echolines©?).

CPT Flower if Life with Feathering

But we are not done yet! After adding lines, waves, or folding you get the following results:

CPT adding fill options

Add Paradox or another way of Folding:

CPT add Paradox or Folding

… and repeat in a grid:

CPT in a grid

Is your head spinning? The possibilities are endless!

The very same principle of replacing shapes, expanding by adding auras or feathering, and adding various fill options can be applied to ANY pattern!

When you begin using your brain creatively in this manner, you experience flow. This is the time when you forget about the world around you. You forget about any pain, anxiety, and depressing thoughts. You are in the zone! 

Remember the base patterns from Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 1?


Diamond Grid Base Pattern Hex Grid Base Pattern

As a simple exercise, apply the same principles explained above to the 2 base patterns.

More base patterns can be found by clicking the icon below:

Base Patterns

Normally I would stop right here with today’s post. Please take the time to apply CPT to some of the base patterns before you continue reading! If you are struggling to follow the concept, contact one of the certified CPT coaches. Each one of them is happy to help!

I can’t wait another week to show more of the magic of CPT. To me, it’s like giving away a Christmas present. And giving is more rewarding than receiving. Take a break before you continue reading, please.

In this example, I use a standard ZigZag line to begin and add some fill option.

CPT ZigZag line

This would already be a nice pattern. But let’s add some more lines and add shading:

CPT more fill

Indeed, we refer to this pattern as Shattuck.

Apply CPT by replacing the shapes like we did with the Flower of Life:

Shape Replacement

Here is an example of replacing the straight lines with C-Shapes.

Now I replace a single C-Shape with Double-C’s:

In this example I turned the Double-C:

Then I began replacing the straight line with an S-Line:

And added various techniques and fill options:

You could play some more with fill options. I leave that up to you though.

Below I changed the form of the S-Shape and tried one option by combining the S-Shape with a straight line.

You could create hundreds of patterns by applying CPT to a simple ZigZag line!

I want to show you more, but my time is limited. That’s why include a page from the CPT eBook. Click the image for a full-screen view.

Creative Pattern Tangling - copyright Ina Sonnenmoser - all rights reserved

Below is a detailed description of Creative Pattern Tangling.

Creative Pattern Tangling


Find a certified CPT coach CPT Journey for Beginners

Creative Pattern Tangling is NOT a form of meditative drawing.

CPT is a method to engage the right hemisphere of the brain in order to increase creativity and imagination.

During CPT tanglers experience the mental state of Flow – a state of complete immersion in an activity in which powerful chemicals are produced in the brain.

Following step by step instructions to draw a pattern is challenging at first. After a while, this activity will no longer provide a challenge. The state of flow cannot be achieved. Instead of searching for new patterns that provide a challenge, CPT enables tanglers to experience flow by modifying patterns, creating their very own and unique artwork in the process.

Once you know how to follow step by step instructions to draw a pattern, you are ready to apply CPT to this pattern.

The process is simple:

Take any pattern step out or base pattern and exchange one shape for another. Apply different fill- or expanding options and see where your creativity leads you. Through this process, you build your very own pattern to create artwork. For inspiration, we have created CPT templates that can be tangled with patterns.

Grid-based patterns can be modified by rotating a section or using a different grid base to draw the pattern. On we have applied this method during the Grid Journey.

In closing I would like to mention that I was legally advised not to comment on any blogs or posts spreading defamation and unauthorized references to my character or methods of Creative Pattern Tangling.

I do hope you enjoy the CPT journey. Your creativity will skyrocket! The journey will continue next week.


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