Creative Pattern Tangling

Creative Pattern Tangling (CPT) is a method to engage the right hemisphere of the brain in order to increase creativity and imagination.

During CPT tanglers experience the mental state of Flow – a state of complete immersion in an activity in which powerful chemicals are produced in the brain.

Following step by step instructions to draw a pattern is challenging at first. After a while, this activity will no longer provide a challenge. The state of flow cannot be achieved. Instead of searching for new patterns that provide a challenge, CPT enables tanglers to experience flow by modifying patterns, creating their very own and unique artwork in the process.

Once you know how to follow step by step instructions to draw a pattern, you are ready to apply CPT to this pattern.

The process is simple:

Take any pattern step out and exchange one shape for another. Apply different fill- or expanding options and see where your creativity leads you. Through this process, you build your very own pattern to create artwork.

Grid-based patterns can be modified by rotating a section, or by using a different grid base to draw the pattern. On we have applied this method during the Grid Journey.

The technique is explained in detail in this document.

Creative Pattern Tangling 2018 eBook

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A group of CPT coaches is currently being trained. To get certified as a CPT coach, each applicant has to pass an exam. Click here for more information.

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  • May 21, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    Thank you Ina, In Mexico for 5 weeks, tangeling every day, love it.


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