Valentines Patterns

With Valentines Day approaching soon, I thought it would be nice to collect a bunch of patterns containing hearts. Of course, any pattern can be used to fill a heart shape for example, but somehow I feel the need to have a collection of patterns featuring heart shapes.

Broken Hearts Club by Anja Meeter

Broken Hearts by Anja Meeter

Caught by Christine Reyes

Double S by Donna Stanchfield

Fan of Hearts by Rachel Foster

Flowerly by Ina Sonnenmoser

Four Hearts by Agenta Landegren

Heart Lace by Shazia

Heart and Flower by Alice Grant

Heart-Beads by Tricia Long

HeartStar by Nicole Dreyer

Heartbroken by Anja Meeter

Hearts Apart by Nancy Robinson

Lace Heart by Ina Sonnenmoser

Lovy-Dovy by Shazia

Luheart by Yu Ru Chen

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

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