Go-To pattern library – playing with a pattern

Now that are all happily tangling the daily strings, I would like to explain a bit more what to do to make a pattern your own.

I mentioned earlier that I ‘play’ with a pattern – varying lines, adding fill, warping and so on. I highly suggest that when you try a new pattern, that you take the time to play around first. Here are some examples:

Playing with Shattuck
Playing with Shattuck


Playing with Ropuz Fill 1
Playing with Ropuz Fill 2

The first practice with Ropuz Fill looks very different from the second time. As I continue drawing the pattern and looking at artwork, I learn more and more about the possibilities of this pattern.

My recommendation to you is, get a dedicated journal or sketchbook for recording your ideas. Keep a double page per pattern. Record the step-out first, then start practicing. As you gain new insight, record this in your journal. As you continue adding more and more patterns, you will notice that you can go back to previously recorded patterns and apply new ideas – so leave room to add more possibilities as you go along.

And we all would appreciate it, if you would share your insights with the group. It allows us to learn from each other and grow the tangling experience to a new level.


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