Go-To pattern library – Part 1

Hello everyone.

Yes, we have a daily pattern focus on this site – we also have weekly strings. However, we are all racing through patterns, drawing them once and forgetting them again.

Go-To patterns are patterns that you can draw off by heart – without the need to look at a step-out. Having a good repository of patterns makes tangling so much more fun.

Typical go-to patterns have a few things in common:

  • They are easy to remember
  • They fit just about everywhere
  • They are easy to draw

The most common used patterns are Tipple, Printemps, Diva Dance, Crescent Moon, Mooka, Zinger, Paradox, Betweed … to name a few.

Diva DanceCrescent Moon

The first exercise will be to create a list of all your go-to patterns – the ones that keep appearing in your artwork. Not the patterns you know off by heart, but the ones you keep using over and over. Maybe go back and study your tiles if you cannot come up with a list immediately. If you CANNOT make such a list because you don’t have go-to patterns in your repertoire … well, then it’s about time you get started on it! 🙂 Now .. be so kind and post your list on our Facebook page.

From this point onward, you are allowed to use ANY pattern from your list PLUS the one I suggest 🙂 Below you find 7 Strings – one for each day of the week.

Beginning today, we will be including Shattuck on every tile for the rest of the week! (You can also draw more than one tile a day, and take a break during other days – the important exercise is that you apply Shattuck in different scenarios and use it at least 7 times!)


As you can see, Shattuck can come in many forms. You can use C-Shapes or straight lines – you can draw it as a ribbon, as a border, or maybe even use it to fill an entire area. Adding striping, highlights, color, or different shading options – varying the distance between the lines – so many possibilities! Draw it in a circle, multiple rows in a square box, weave it over and under … replace the C-Shape with an S-Shape! Shattuck can be a background pattern as well as a pattern that takes over your tile. It’s up to you!

Now fill all other areas with patterns from your go-to list (or leave some blank). No cheating, no peeking at step-outs!  And remember, a string is a GUIDELINE only – not a border that cannot be crossed!

Share your tiles in Tangle It! Pattern Club on Facebook, marking it as #go-to. Your artwork will be collected and posted on your very own page together with the list of your current go-to patterns! You can follow your progress this way 🙂 I guarantee you that there will be a huge difference between your first tile using Shattuck and the last one of the week!

Repeat this exercise with the other 6 strings – always including some sort of version of Shattuck.

String 1

String 2

String 3

String 4

String 5

String 6

String 8

Can’t wait to get started now! And to see what you come up with 🙂

Off to draw – Happy Tangling!


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