Author Focus – Silke Wagner

„Hello, my name is Silke and I am tangle-aholic.”

I created my first tangle when I was 12 years old. It’s true, I love patterns since my childhood, now I am nearly 50. A few years ago I came across Zentangle® on YouTube (I think it was the channel of Tiffany Lovering). After watching a few videos, my doodles became more structured and a new source of inspiration. Before this encounter patterns emerged on impulse alone. No wonder this never stops and new patterns keep emerging in my brain. I only had to learn creating step by step instructions, so other people would be able to draw my patterns too.

YouTube has never stopped to be an inspiration and my teenage son told me to open a YouTube Channel of my own. My channel „PenSil“ was born and now I love making videos. Inspiration I get from famous artists, especially Hundertwasser and M.C. Escher. If you don’t know these guys: they are very different in their art, one is only organic and the other is mathematical. Not only do I design patterns guided by nature, I also love patterns related to „math“.
Another passion of mine are Celtic Designs. I live in Germany but my brother lives in Ireland since 20 years. I used to visit him every second year and learnt to love the Irish culture. My passions are celtic knots, crosses and any celtic pattern.

Artwork Silke Wagner

Recently I created a  small three-part tutorial series (german/english) – beginner to expert – how to draw Celtic Designs. Everyone can draw Celtic Designs – just watch the tutorials.

So, folk, have fun tangling!

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