Author Focus – Linda Rea aka texasdoxiemama

This week’s Author Focus features Linda Rea from Texas, USA.

LInda Rea aka texasdoxiemama

Hi, Everybody, I’m Linda Rea. Some of you probably know me better as “texasdoxiemama.” I’ve been around for about 5 years in the tangling world.

I don’t know how I started exactly but I ran across Zentangle® one day on the internet, tried it and that’s it… HOOKED!

Making up patterns seems to come easily to me. I see tangles in a lot of everyday things. Sometimes 5 or 6 new patterns come tumbling out in one sitting.

Click here for  Linda’s Flickr account and all her patterns and work

As you all know tangling is a lot of fun and very relaxing to do. I had always drawn a little bit before I started tangling but I was a cautious drawer. Meaning I’d do everything in pencil with a ton of erasing. I never dreamed of drawing with a pen! Tangling has freed me in that sense.

Other than an occasional guideline, I never use a pencil anymore. I just dive in with my pen because if you make a mistake it doesn’t matter. There are no mistakes in tangling because you can always make it into something else.

I live near San Marcos, Texas with my dachshund, Lacey. I’m an Administrative Assistant which allows me to earn the money needed to support my habits.

Meaning buying paper, colored pencils, journals and yarn for my other addiction…crocheting. I’ve been crocheting since I was a teen. I mostly make gifts for friends and shawls for the local nursing home.

I have four grown sons, four daughters-in-law and 13 grandchildren. Unfortunately, none live here in Texas but I do jump in my Smart car a couple of times a year and go visiting.





Thank you very much, Linda, for telling us a little bit about yourself!

We also have a little surprise! Because we know that you have a dachshund, Ina made a sweet template for everyone 🙂

Print it and fill it up with some lovely patterns!


Linda also started submitting her lovely patterns to our website!

You can find them here.

Here are the first ones which have been put online and more will follow with time 🙂

Bouncie by Linda Rea Flower in the middle by Linda Rea Furn by Linda Rea Leave it wrapped by Linda Rea Male-Female by Linda Rea Shell 'n Pearl by Linda Rea Snowcone by Linda Rea Snowflower by Linda Rea Starez tangle by Linda Rea Tear Splash by Linda Rea Tunneled by Linda Rea Up in smoke by Linda Rea



















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