Author Focus – Lila Holter

Lila Holter (Lila Popcheff), also known as Poppie is a wonderful artist from Australia. Her patterns range from freeform to very interesting grid based patterns.

Here is a bit of information about Lila:

I’m Macedonian and have lived in Australia since the age of 4 (over 50 years).  As long as I remember I have always been intrigued by patterns and remember flicking through my mother’s cross stitch pattern books and admiring them and her work, especially the ones with black and red thread, very Ethnic looking.
I worked in the Health Service for over 20 years, starting with reception and progressed through to the Finance Department.  A strange mix for me – as I’ve never been a numbers person.
I discovered tangling the day after Christmas 2011.  A couple of weeks before that, I had heard the word ‘Zendoodle’ and wondered what it was all about – so what did I do? Googled it, of course!!  Much to my delight it was exactly what was missing in my life and I was attracted by the simplicity of the black and white and how the various patterns, when put together made for some spectacular art.  (and yes, I do call my work ‘Art’) 🙂
I’ve always loved to draw but went with my parents advice and elected to do Home Science and Sewing (because that’s what girls are supposed to know how to do).  And I hated sewing!  So, in my senior years of High School, I did choose to study art – it was mainly art history and I was never shown how to draw.  My major work was actually 2 pottery pieces which ended up cracking during the firing stage!  I was devastated!
Well, I can say I have never lost my creativity and have dabbled in Macrame, cross stitching, Calligraphy, Floral Art and card making (oh, and I discovered I loved to sew after all 🙂 )

My biggest fan is my husband – my parents still think I’m wasting my time with my drawing – oh well.  You can find me on Facebook,  Flickr,  Instagram,, Pinterest  and I have a blog, which I’m embarrassed to say it’s been months since I posted anything there.  Life has been real busy of late, new grand babies and weddings to come.

I almost forgot, I teach meditative art for women at the local women’s health centre and my advice for newcomers is to take it at your own pace, practise your linework, do not compare yourself to other artists as you will develop (and reincarnate) your own style.  It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.  I actually do not like to save other people’s work in general – I like inspiration but do not want to be influenced by their work so I tend to just look – and any reference I may have would be about the patterns.
My favourite 5 patterns – now this is too hard Ina! here goes; Nzeppel, Che Chain, Lazy Eights, Deelite and Thumbprintz (oh and I just have to add Diva Dance)
My choice of pen is Uniball Signo black gel – its beautifully smooth to draw with and a black, black.  For colour work I love the vibrancy of Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pens.  Colour pencils would be a toss up between Prismacolors, Polychromos and Staedtler watercolour pencils.
My other loves are creating step-outs and Mandalas (having created over 100 as part of the 100Mandala Challenge)
My dream is to open up a coffee shop/art gallery in the United States, with my husband (and I can say, they do have a need for good coffee!! haha).  One day I might publish a book – at the moment I am concentrating on marketing myself with local stores.

And here are some of Lila’s patterns. More can be found on her dedicated author page.

Allusion by Lila Holter Bellamy by Lila Holter Chechain by Lila Holter Glace by Lila Holter Gr_ate by Lila Holter H and I by Lila Holter Kathy by Lila Holter Korrimal by Lila Holter Madeline by Lila Holter Mozza by Lila Holter Preston by Lila Holter Sliders by Lila Holter Trapt 3 by Lila Holter Trapt 4 by Lila Holter Violeta by Lila Holter Violetka by Lila Holter X by Lila Holter Zulu by Lila Holter

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