Author Focus – Jennidee Mills

This week we have our focus on Jennidee Mills. Jenni lives in Sydney, Australia.

I call myself Jennidee as that is my first and middle name smooshed together. And I need to do that because there are already several Jenni Mills authors on the internet.

I have always drawn, since I was a child, and I discovered pen and ink in high school (like many teenagers from drawing on books, rulers, and in notes when I was bored).
In my thirties I refined those drawings (more than 10 years ago now) to be more elaborate drawings, which often include a main figure with patterns to detail it. It would be called ZIA now, but was back before Zentangle® arrived on the scene. (Dragon and hair are two earlier ones)
JensArtLife 3 JensArtLife 4
I don’t teach anywhere, though I would if given the chance. I am an ex Primary school teacher from Australia.
My ebook was made to encourage people to stretch their skills a little and pattern inside figures (which I call tangle blanks). So the book includes pictures with large spaces to practice patterns in.
Last year I was caught up in the adult colouring book craze and produced several books (Colour Your Life, which is a colouring journal workbook … you colour the border and write in the middle, and there are prompts to help you decide what to write) and a German publisher commissioned me to produce a fairy and angel colouring book which had poems on the opposite page (which they translated into German for their book market).
I have an ETSY page with single pages to download
A LuLu shop with the patterns book and colour journal
And a deviant art account where I upload my ZIA and other artwork
Here is some more of my artwork:


JensArtLife 1 JensArtLife 2


Jenni provided us with a great outline of a hot air balloon ready to be tangled. You can find it on the String page, or click the image below for the full-size view.

Hotair Template by Jennidee Mills

And here are some patterns she shared with us:

Hexiloop by Jennidee Mills

Peasley by Jennidee Mills

Steep by Jennidee Mills

Youie by Jennidee Mills

Strident by Jennidee Mills

Funky Town by Jennidee Mills




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