Artist Focus Update: Liz Drake

Hello, fellow tanglers.

Yes, we had an artist focus on Liz Drake only a few months ago. Liz is on the move with great ideas! I am so in love with her paper quilt idea, I thought it would be nice to share it with you all. Maybe you get inspired to create a paper quilt as well? Alternatively, you can purchase the greeting cards that Liz is selling on her Facebook page.


Exciting things have been happening in Tangled World by Liz Drake since the last time I had a chance to introduce myself to you all.  Through continued encouragement and inspiration largely from this group along with a few others, I have decided to expand my horizons.

I have long been wanting to do larger pieces than the standard Zentangle® tiles.  My courage in this direction led me to 4.25” x 8.5” pieces.  Yes, that is one-quarter of a standard sheet of paper.  Anything larger and my muse stubbornly stopped singing and went and hid, refusing to come out again until I returned to “workable” sized pieces.

Not one to surrender easily, I discovered my “tiles” can be put together side by side and on top of each other until a larger piece comes together.  Voila, the birth of my version of a paper quilt.  I did not dream this up.  I was challenged by another group (or two) but I am loving the unique results.  To date, I have completed three paper quilts.

Paper Quilt by Liz Drake

I liked the tiles in this one so much, I had them printed on note cards. Then I started looking through my collections to see what else I could not only glue together but could print into note card collections. I now have 4 different collections of note cards available along with a brand new FB page just for shopping.


Maddazza Martchare

Offering prints and note cards from the files of Tangled World by Liz Drake. Proceeds will help to finance future EPIC art adventures.

The interior of the cards is empty to allow the purchaser to use them as they best see fit. Thank you notes, birthday cards, invitations, and announcements come to my mind as well as short year-end update letters.

I hope in the future to be able to offer prints as well, but am still shopping about looking for the best way to do this without taking out a second mortgage on my house.

This paper quilt on canvas is 16”x16” and can be yours for the price of your firstborn child.

Paper Quilt on Canvas by Liz Drake

The splotchimals are back and throwing a party.  They invite you to join in and send them to all your friends.


Liz Drake


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