Artist Focus: Liz Drake

Liz Drake’s “Joy”

Hello to everyone! For those who don’t know me, my name is Cyndee Pelley and I’ve got a blog at, where I have been featuring some of the artists in The Tangle It! Pattern Club. The artists in the group are amazing both as artists and as people. Since I  was writing them anyway, Ina Sonnenmoser, asked if I could take over the artist’s focus articles on  This is the first  of these joint posts to appear here. (I have more planned and you never know who will be next!)  Be brave in posting your art here! You may be next 😉.

Now, meet Liz Drake! Liz is one of a long list of amazing artists I’ve met through Tangle It! Pattern Club. Several weeks back I featured an artist named Barb Masinton from the group. The post included Barb’s “go-to” week one entries. I thought it would be fun to see how Liz approaches the challenges. As we move forward, I hope to have a great collection of different artist’s “go-to” challenges. I’m going to enjoy having them to compare and appreciate!

Liz Drake

Liz writes:
Liz Drake here, Artist at large. After raising 4 sons, spending 40+ years in medical imaging as a career, I retired, cashed in enough of my IRA to put a down payment on a semi, obtained my CDL and went over the road with my husband in our 18 wheeler. Living a life of adventure on road offers opportunities to see things I would never see otherwise, it does have some artistic limitations, space for supplies being just one.

By Liz Drake

Two people living in 47 square foot can be quite a challenge in itself. Most art store parking lots are designed to prohibit big trucks entering. I’m not real sure how their delivery drivers manage, but the space allowed for them even is very tight and restricted from customer use. We have no route, no schedule, no structure or calendar beyond the load that is on at the time. On a good day with no major cities involved, we can do up to 700 miles per day. On days we are in major cities, have to load or unload—or both, we sometimes only log 200-300 miles. Sometimes we sit for several days between loads. Life is very unpredictable, getting mail is next to impossible, and the stress levels can become incredibly high when you throw weather, road construction and unreasonable dispatch into the mix.


I love the movement in this ZIA by Liz Drake!

The need for a Zen-like art outlet is more than apparent in my life. Enter Zentangle® Inspired Art, I had scratched the surface several years back when my artistic passion was gourd art, (where I was represented in several galleries, vended at several yearly juried shows, and taught classes). 

Example of Liz’s Gourds! (Gourdgeous 😁)

I publish a short “lesson” note each week along with attempting to post a daily doodle on my Facebook Art Page Tangled World by Liz Drake. Go ahead, check it out, oh and give it a “like” while you are there. All comments appreciated.

My next art adventure is to get a few of my favorite pieces printed into note cards and postcards. I hope to package and sell to finance “My Epic Adventure” when I plan to build a pedal vessel and camp and pedal my way from the source of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.”










Liz Drake ZIA featuring Liz’s signature bright colors.
One of Liz’s “go-to” challenge tiles.

I love her ideas!
I am amazed that Liz is able to produce art like this while working on the road! I want to be around to see the art she comes up with on the pedal trip!

Thank you so much, Liz, for allowing me to share your art and your journey! You’re a fascinating lady and I expect I will be asking to add your art here and there when the opportunity arises! I’m off to check out your Facebook page!



This is my favorite! Of course, if it’s purple I am guaranteed to love it!.

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