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Dawn CollinsI have been doing art of one kind or another all my life. I have dabbled in fiber arts, sewing, painting, crafting, paper arts, mixed media, ceramics, photography and drawing. I have enjoyed all of them, but I kept flitting from one to another. In the spring of 2014 I stumbled across Zentangle® patterns while researching for art/craft ideas for a church women’s retreat. These patterns spoke to my soul! I quickly read and studied everything I could about the art form. The abstract nature of the art spoke to me. I started with step-outs from the official Zentangle® website, but then quickly discovered the vast world of patterns on the internet. I joined several pattern based Facebook groups including Tangle It! Pattern Club. There is just something about doing the pattern based art that has kept me engaged in the process. I don’t feel like I need to move on and flit to something new. Perhaps it is the fact that there always seems to be a new pattern out there just waiting to be discovered.

In June of 2016 there was a lot of talk in the various Facebook groups from newbies who felt like they were lost in the process and afraid to give it a try. Ina Sonnenmoser had begun a beginner tutorial on this website and simultaneously I had posted a video on how to draw a particularly difficult tangle in another Zentangle® group. Everyone in that group encouraged me to post not just on Facebook, but to start a YouTube channel. So on July 4, 2016 I posted my first video on Draw Tangles with Dawn. Then I decided to do some beginner lessons and loosely followed Ina’s beginner lessons from this website. Not long after that, Ina and the other admins decided to post a daily pattern focus. I thought that if I was going to draw every day, I might as well video tape it too. I had no idea that I would still be going strong nine months later. I have posted over 300 videos and have more than 3,500 subscribers! I look forward to the time each week when I can draw, learn a new pattern or show you a pattern that I created. I am thrilled to see what everyone does with the daily tangles when they share on Facebook. I am happy to share what goes well and what is a struggle. It is good to know that it’s OK when your drawing does not turn out the way you expect. I have learned to say “oh well” in my drawings, and it is translating to being able to say “oh well” more often in my life. I stress about things less. When I am stressed, I go and draw and create a tile that makes me feel better. If you are reading this article about me, then you understand what I mean when you draw and get into that Zen place and find the stress melting away.

I am honored that Ina has asked me to be a focus artist. I didn’t set out to do this in such a public way, but I’m just letting the tiles take me where they will…. Let your art speak to you. It knows what you need to make yourself happy. Go out and do something nice for someone and make the world a nicer place.

Here is the link to the beginner lessons playlist:


And don’t forget to subscribe to Dawn’s YouTube Channel:

Check out Dawns patterns!

Atrium by Dawn Collins Ezer by Dawn Collins Imagine by Dawn Collins Lido by Dawn Collins Plum-lei by Dawn Collins Xanadu by Dawn Collins

And here is some of Dawn’s beautiful artwork:

Artwork by Dawn Collins Artwork by Dawn Collins Artwork by Dawn Collins Artwork by Dawn Collins Artwork by Dawn Collins

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