Tangling Family Facebook Groups

Many groups on Facebook exist – it is hard to find the groups that are dedicated to support Newbies (our term for beginners).

  • Tangle It! Pattern Club
    • Of course, you really should be a member of the support group for pattern-collections.com! It’s the group that I, Ina Sonnenmoser, is looking after. New patterns are published EVERY single day! If you have a problem with a particular step-out (step-by-step-instructions), leave a message. If you just want to show off your latest creation, this is the group to share. Our family is wonderful and friendly. We are a sharing, caring community!
  • Monotangle Adventures
    • This group is hosted by Tasmin Rootman. This group challenges it’s members with single patterns. Exploring one pattern at the time, finding out the possibilities that pattern has to offer, is the first step for any Newbie!
  • Duotangle Adventures
    • After you have exhausted the world of Monotangles, move right on to Duotangles!
  • Shading Zentangle®
    • Learn how to shade your tangles like a Pro! Eventually you will have a desire to learn to shade the various patterns. Don’t hesitate, join this group. Eni Oken will teach you everything there is to know!
  • Zentangle all Around
    • This group is hosted by Alice Hendon. Alice posts daily strings. It is a lot of fun to see what other tanglers create with the same template.
  • Tangle It! Mandala Club
    • Simona Cordara is the administrator of the group. Post your own Mandalas, or get inspiration and help to create Mandalas.
  • Tangled Gems- Zentangle® Inspired Jewels and Stones
    • Managed by Kelly Barone and Chris Gerstner, this groups focus is on learning to shade and color these pretty gems.
  • Zentangle Exploration
    • This group was first created by the late Mildred Galliher. Dawn Collins and Jacki R. Wright are now looking after the group. This group is not looking for large numbers of people, but we welcome any who will ACTIVELY participate in the group. This means liking & commenting on other’s posts and posting your work when you feel comfortable doing so.

As I mentioned earlier, there are MANY more groups with different rules and guidelines. This list will help you as a beginner – from here on you can explore further.

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