String 14

This time it’s an easy string in order to help out for a fundraising event.

Elspeth Allen posted this:
I have a favor to ask, and please delete if this is not allowed. I work at a non-resident senior center and have been encouraging folks to color and tangle. Some of them really like to do “practical” things. So to get them to color they want to make them into cards that they can send or sell at our fundraising craft fair in November. Well, of course there is the copyright issue. I was wondering if some of you could work up some coloring pages, tangles, mandalas that you would allow us to use. I would include your name of course. I would scan them and print them on cards. Thanks you for your consideration!

How about if we all have a small challenge to produce a coloring in page – no shading, only pretty linework that would make a nice card for the people at the senior center?

Mark your artwork in the description ‘fundraiser‘ and I will clean and resize them for Elspeth. Artwork should be scanned at 300dpi and send by email to ina.somo @

Let’s make the theme “Flowers” and “Hearts

The size of each tile is 4″ x 5.5″ (or 10x13cm) I prepared a template ready to download dividing a letter sized paper in 4 equal squares:

4 Cards template

Click the image for a full size view. Then right click and either save or print.

String 14

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