Steampunk Tangling – Part 5

Steampunk Week


I am amazed at  the progress everyone is making. If cannot keep up, don’t worry. Take your time – it is a lot to learn!

Today we talk about shading. I guess everyone is fairly familiar with pencil shading. It is soft and subtle. Steampunk tangling however allows us to shade a bit more boldly. Sandra’s artwork is the best example.

Lark Artwork by Sandra Strait

Let’s take this big step and venture into the world of “aggressive shading”.

My favorite technique is hatching and cross hatching. Depending how close together you flick those lines, various degrees of shade can be achieved.

I found this video interesting (just turn the sound off!)

You don’t necessarily have to shade this way with pen – it works just as well in pencil!

Right now I am adding a TON of new patterns to the site.  Check out Each pattern is sorted nicely into the various categories.

Looking forward to seeing your “aggressive shading” pieces!

Until tomorrow – tangle on 🙂


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