Genevieve Crabe

Here are some questions our Facebook group members have for featured artists:

  • Do you have a blog or website?
    • My website is Amaryllis Creations. That will take you to a landing page with links to my blog, my shop, and all my social media pages.
  • What advice would you give newcomers?
    • Relax! Don’t put pressure on yourself, and don’t compare yourself to other artists. There’s only one way to get better at tangling, and that’s to tangle. Enjoy the process, it’s more important than the final product. And yes, you are an artist!
  • Since when do you tangle?
    • I first discovered Zentangle® in Sandy Bartholomew’s article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine in early 2010. In the fall of 2010, I took the training to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. This was only the fourth certification class.
  • Do you have any artistic training?
    • Not really any formal training, but my mother was an artist and I learned a lot from her. Her best advice? The only way to learn how to draw is to draw. A lot. There are no shortcuts.
  • What are your favorite art supplies to use and why?
    • I love coloured pencils. My husband and I were very lucky, when we lived in Ottawa, we lived just around the corner from Allison Fagan who is a wonderful coloured pencil artist, and teaches classes in her home. We learned a lot from her.
  • Do you do any other type of art?
    • I like acrylic paint and monoprinting. And beads! I do a lot of bead embroidery. And my new love, digital art using an app called Procreate.
  • What are your 5 favorite go to patterns?
    • Some of my old standbys are Cadent, Huggins, Shattuck, Betweed, and ‘Nzeppel. I’ve been busy with other projects, but I’m looking forward to playing with all the new patterns posted here.
  • Have you published a book devoted to Tangling your Zen?

Ballons by Genevieve Crabe Carre's by Genevieve Crabe Classe by Genevieve Crabe Demi by Genevieve Crabe Dessus-Dessous by Genevieve Crabe Equerre by Genevieve Crabe Fleurette by Genevieve Crabe Fleuri by Genevieve Crabe FleuriTOO by Genevieve Crabe Pointu by Genevieve Crabe Rondelles by Genevieve Crabe Rondelo by Genevieve Crabe Tresse by Genevieve Crabe Vache 1 by Genevieve Crabe Vitrail by Genevieve Crabe Wartz by Genevieve

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