Lark by Sandra Strait

A couple of people have said that they can’t make their Lark pattern look like mine. Lol! I’m crazy and do at least 3 layers of shading. I work 4×4 upwards to 8×8 inches. I also draw at angles. The angle thing would be very hard to show in a written tutorial, but I think I can help a little with the shadowing. In essence, shadows have at least three values-barely there; medium, and blacked-out. I try to make sure I have these three values by shading three different times. I shade for the shape and curves (which you have to sort of visualize)-medium value; then for smaller cast values-barely there & blacked out. This is the shadows cast by those curves and shapes you shadowed earlier. Then lastly, I shade for the larger cast values, which would be shadows cast by one string section onto another. The section(s) on top has no large cast values, but the most smaller cast values. The section(s) furthest back is completely in medium value. Those sections in-between have large cast values that are barely there (or between barely there and medium). To make it worse for you, I do all of this in pen. I usually draw my lines with an .05 or a .10. My blacked out sections are done with the same pen. All the rest of the shading is either done with an .01, an .005 or an .003. The .005 is my favorite. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use a pencil for the barely there or medium shading, but the color will be different, which is one reason I don’t use pencil. The other reason is that I dislike using pencils.

Shading Lark

Also, for those already familiar with this pattern, my previous steps had a closed loop around the edges, like it was a pot holder. I never saw anyone add them in, so I left them out this time.

Lark Art by Sandra Strait

Lark Artwork by Sandra Strait

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