Square Grid

Many patterns start off with a grid. The most common grid is the square grid.

You can draw a grid freehand or use a ruler. Patterns usually look a lot more interesting when you apply a distorted grid.

Square Grid   Square Grid distorted

3D Blockd Screen by Ina Sonnenmoser Air by Shazia Airy by Divya Pandiyaraja Akira by Kasturi Das AlAin by Dorothy Allison Alegre by Carlos Cano All Boxed Up by Alice Hendon Amalea by Chrissie Frampton Amy by Shazia AndHOP by Ina Sonnenmoser Andora by Sharon Paz Arrullo by Carlos Cano Atrium by Dawn Collins Baans by Ekta Agarwal Backsplash Flower by Carrie Leffel Backsplash ZigZag by Carrie Leffel Backsplash by Carrie Leffel Bales Base Pattern Bananana by Ina Sonnenmoser Base-Basement by Silke Wagner Base-Basement by Silke Wagner Bee Stung by Kevin Brooke Hudson Betwix'd by Cyndi Anderson Bloomin' Vace by Cindy Aldridge Blooming Petal by Maria Barbosa Bones by Katja Rudolph Brabs by Ellen Wolters Bridge by YuRu Chen Broken Hearts Club by Anja Meeter Broken Hearts by Anja Meeter Bugle by YuRu Chen Buzy Bees by Eneida Morales Fletcher C-Stem by Agneta Landegren C-Wing by Staub Korn C-Wing revisited by Carlos Cano Cadent Variation by Samantha Mitterer Calvin by Ina Sonnenmoser Capeangle by YuRu Chen Carre's by Genevieve Crabe Carry Flower by Agneta Landegren Carry Leaf by Agneta Landegren Carry by Agneta Landegren Catnap by Cheryl Lees-Haley Caught by Christine Reyes Centre Square by Aleesha Sattva Classe by Genevieve Crabe Clem by Erika Kehlet Commas by Chrissy Whitney Dance of Life by Ellen Wolters Dancing Duo by Tricia Long Dash OFF by Chrissy Whitney Dayz Eaze by Alice Hendon Dayz-E Fleur by Erika Kehlet Demi by Genevieve Crabe Demi-Duo by Trisha Long Diamond Metal Plate by Ina Sonnenmoser Dice 2 by Ina Sonnenmoser Dot Grid by Elaine Benfatto Dotflow by Gaylene Miller Downstream by Erika Kehlet Dragon Eggz by Jane Nichols Dragonfly by Sharon Paz Drower by Leaf Yeh Duc-Hez by Millie Galliher Duo Cadent by Jana Pechrová Egyp by Dorothy Allison Eiffel by Linda Rea Eightangle by Anja Meeter Eightflow by Anja Meeter Elvira by Agneta Landegren Emingle Equerre by Genevieve Crabe Exeter by Sharon Paz F-Tyled by Ina Sonnenmoser Fat-X by Yu Ru Chen Flag Box by Smita Toke Fleuri by Genevieve Crabe Flip-Flap Overlap by Staub Korn Flip-Flap by Staub Korn Flower in the middle by Linda Rea Flyte by Sharon Paz Glace by Lila Holter Golanas 2 by Karin Klang-Meier Golanas by Karin Klang-Meier Grez by Carlos Cano Hearty-Net by Smita Toke Herz by Shazia HiRise by Sandra Strait Hoot by Erika Kehlet Im watching you by Chrissy Whitney Indecifleur by Carlos Cano Infinity by Anja Meeter Jazz-e-Flower by Cyndi Anderson and Carla Szczuka Jonna by Sandra Hoffner Kathy by Lila Holter Klaxx by Dörte Seupel-Kör Knicki by Dorte Seupel-Kor Knightsbridge Kyalami by Anja Meeter Lichen by Elaine Benfatto Lido by Dawn Collins Lisbon by Ina Sonnenmoser Log Cabin by Ina Sonnenmoser Loopi-Nuts by Anja Meeter Lovy-Dovy by Shazia Lumine by Divya Pandiyaraja Marguerite by Sharon Paz Mariposa by Sarah Tyler Merryweather by Sandy Hunter Mesmer by Ina Sonnenmoser Middleton by YuRu Chen Mooka Grid Butterfly by Millie Galliher Mooka grid Pinwheel by Millie Galliher Mooka-grid Seed by Millie Galliher Mosaic by Shazia Nymph by Melinda Barlow On Point by Crystal Robinson One - eyed by Cyndi Anderson Operation by Yu Ru Chen Pod Box by Linda Rea Pots by Chrissy Whitney Pushy Swirl by Liz Drake Relly-Telly-One by Karin Klang-Meier Relly-Telly-Two by Karin Klang-Meier Rest by Theresa Beebe Rhombie by Shazia Rick-a-Rack by Tricia Long Rondelles by Genevieve Crabe Rondelo by Genevieve Crabe Rosey by Smita Toke Round Wedge by Silke Wagner Ryse by Sharon Paz Ryse-Orb by Sharon Paz Sextant by Suzanne Crisafi Siri by Sandra Hoffner Sleutel by Dörte Seupel-Kör Spidey by Kevin Brooke Hudson Spike by Ina Sonnenmoser Square Diamond by Amanda Rose Rambo Stripy Diamonds by Anja Meeter T by Ina Sonnenmoser T-EXT by Anja Meeter T-angle by Agneta Landegren Tactra by Anja Meeter Tangle Brick by Mark Coakley Target by Yu Ry Chen Telis by Chrissie Frampton Telis-Clef by Chrissie Frampton Telis-Swan by Chrissie Frampton Tent by Dörte Seupel-Kör Tessa by Sandra Hoffner Trapt 3 by Lila Holter Trellys by Debra Bryan Trellys-Two by Debra Bryan Tri-Cone by Cyndi Anderson Triline by Anja Meeter Twisted Corners by Alexandria Cortez Diaz TwoEyed by Karin Klang-Meier Ups and Downs by Anja Meeter V-Way by Anja Meeter Venda by Anja Meeter Venetian by Elaine Benfatto Vitrail by Genevieve Crabe VitrailTOO by Ina Sonnenmoser Wagon Wheel by Anja Meeter Wallbucket by Sandra Strait Wavy Book by Anja Meeter Wire Basket by Sharon Paz Wisket by Sandra Strait X-Periment by Ina Sonnenmoser X-Perope by Agneta Landegren X-Tee by Anja Meeter Xanadu by Dawn Collins Yin Yang by Anja Meeter Ytterbium by Ina Sonnenmoser

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