Patterns by Framework

This is my favorite way of finding patterns!

Grid – this leads to subsections, where grids are sorted by grid type

Line – all patterns that are based on a single line or wave

Ribbon – patterns that require a double line as a base

Orb – patterns based on a round shape

Freeform – well, the name says it all

Filler – these fit always in

Auras – patterns that have parallel lines as an element

Echo Lines – patterns featuring echo lines

Gems, Stones, Diamonds and Crystals – patterns that can be used for Gems, Stones, Diamonds and Crystals

Flowers – they deserve their own section!

 – patterns featuring loops, 8’s and 6’s

Hearts – patterns containing hearts

Mehndi Tangle Art – patterns specifically designed for Mehndi Tangle Art

Steampunk – this area developed during Steampunk Tangling week 

Sorting patterns this way allows you to identify them easier. Look at the underlying structure – it is easy to pinpoint into which framework category a pattern belongs.

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