Pattern Database – Call for HELP

You may have seen this message in our Facebook Group.

Group Effort !!! Call for everyone that can hold a pen and tangle.


It is impossible to see which pattern exists and which doesn’t. It is also not possible right now to identify a pattern by looking at artwork.

Are you ready to join me in the challenging task to create a database like that?

If yes, reply below indicating if you can do 1,2 or 3 tiles that contain ONLY that one pattern in it’s most basic form. Also indicate if you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Experienced Tangler.
A simple “Yes, 3 – Beginner” will do.
This will go on for 30-45 days, depending on the amount of people participating. The more – the quicker we have this database in place.

How does it work?

I assign you a number and give you a list of patterns that require a 3″x3″ tile. There will be a template that fits 3 tiles + info required for the database on an Letter sized (or A4) page. You can attach a normal tile on top of the print if you prefer tangling on decent paper!!!
You need a scanner capable of scanning at 300dpi photo quality!
If you do NOT have a scanner, you need to mail (as in letter with postage stamp attached) your pages to someone that is willing to help. For Europe, I will be that person – for US, Canada, Australia, and all other large areas I am still looking for volunteers.

Once you completed all the tiles from your list, you need the email those scans in unmodified form directly to me. On the 17th of July I need all scans in my inbox – even if you have NOT finished your list, email all the ones you have completed.

Let’s get this project on the road!!!!

To sign up, click here and post your response.

Here are all the details you require after you signed up to help.

Download the template – it contains 4 square boxes – each one the size of a traditional tile. You can either draw on this sheet or glue your tiles in the space provided.

Complete the header – Pattern Name, Author and the year the pattern was first published.

Please sign your artwork! By submitting it, you agree that I can post it as a sample on pattern-collections to show off the various patterns.

Here is an example:

Pattern Database Template Sample

Each tile should show the basic pattern clearly. It should only contain the one pattern – nothing else! Keep it simple! Black and white only! Shading is welcome – patterns like All Boxed Up, looks like nothing unshaded. Do NOT draw over the outline. The squares will be cropped at the black outline.

You will receive a Friend Request from me and a message that contains a list of patterns and links to the step-outs. Depending on how many you have chosen to do, the list may be bigger or smaller. Don’t be afraid – even 3 simple tiles a day is easy to do. And I will not send you 100 patterns in one go 🙂 If you cannot manage to complete the assigned list before July, 17th, let me know.

Once you completed all patterns, scan the pages at 300 dpi in photo quality (please don’t select black and white – scanners on automatic settings will scan only at 96dpi because they think it’s a fax). Do not crop or modify the scan in any way. Save it as .jpg, .pdf, or .png and attach it to an email. My email address is ina.somo @ <— remove the spaces before and after the @-sign!

If you DON’T have a scanner let me know and I will forward a name of  a tangler in your country. You are then required to mail the pages to that person to have them scanned.

Should you struggle with a particular pattern that was assigned to you, send a message in our Facebook group. Someone else might be able to pick it up.


What happens with your artwork?

Each tile will be part of a database. In this database patterns are sorted by

  • Framework – eg grid, freeform, flower etc.
  • Skill Level – Beginner to Experienced
  • Alphabetical

Within this database you will also be able to locate patterns according to the shapes that were used in the step-out. For example you have artwork, grid based, main feature is a heart shape – you select Grid, Heart Shape and all patterns that fit this criteria will be displayed (the tiles that this wonderful group of people is creating right now). It will be SO EASY to find a pattern!

If the author of the pattern allows me to post step-outs on pattern-collections, you will be able to see the step-out right here. I will not include links to other sites for one simple reason: The maintenance to check for valid links is too much! I have no control what is displayed on the other end of a link – laws, rules, and regulations change all the time. So, step-outs are either on pattern-collections or users have to do a search on Google to find the step-out. Hopefully one day this will be a central site for ALL patterns.

Please note: pattern-collections allows pinning! Your tile might end up on some pinterest board. SIGN your work to claim the copyright! I am only providing a platform – I am not responsible should anyone use the artwork from this site in any illegal way.

And here is the template (also available for download from the Facebook group). Click the image, then right click to download or print.

Pattern Database Template

THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating. It would not be possible without this world-wide collaboration of tanglers!



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