New patterns

Vees 'n Tees by Heike Gerlach

Uinline by YuRu Chen

ToTo by Philippa Napper

OV-Shield by YuRu Chen

O-curly by Christel Foncke


Chainbunnies by Christel Foncke

Olspin by YuRu Chen

Jcebergfan by YuRu Chen

Baecube by Barbara Steyer


Thing in the middle of a thing by Linda Rea

Amboleo by Silke Wagner

Starzie by Linda Rea

SQ FLWR by Linda Rea

Nosegay by Linda Rea

nailed by Linda Rea

Lady bugged by Linda Rea

Daized Chain by Linda Rea

Twisted Corners by Alexandria Cortez Diaz

Trespirales by Diana E. Marshall

Phil-agrees by Karri Pelikys

Eyesi by Smita Toke

Cat-a-line by Erika Kehlet

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