Halloween Special

It’s almost that time of the year again!




The idea is to make some creations with the Halloween theme.

We want to collect this work of you and give it a place on this site.

So if you would like to do so, please use #Halloween in your post.


We also made two templates which you can use for your creations.

Of course you can also simple make a tile or what ever you would like to  🙂



halloween-house  (pdf) by Nicole Dreyer



A pumpkin by Samantha Mitterer!


Of course the most important part: Which patterns could you use for it?

Well here are a few examples which fit really nice as Halloween patterns 🙂

Punkin' vine by Erika Kehlet Spiderize by Erika Kehlet

Dem Bones by Erika Kehlet Candy Corn by Erika Kehlet

E-Ivy by Efie



Here are your creations 🙂


erika-bonham-kehlet Erika Bonham Kehlet

rochelle-babb-2  Rochelle Babb

rochelle-babb Rochelle Babb

shelley-lynn-alkovShelley Lynn Alköv

shelley-lynn-alkov-2 Shelley Lynn Alköv

yvonne-m-gagain-wilson  Yvonne M Gagain Wilson

suzanne-mitchell Suzanne Mitchell

14691422_10202094969892664_3135133176929598748_o Yvonne M Gagain Wilson

14713019_1243404472346478_6770139437077546780_o YuRu Chen

14711489_861758450625008_2517429520678658883_o Beverly Gotthardt

14711174_1241875205877327_6801885709187113562_o Carlos Cano Landzadera

14753960_1244090195655828_7676008211495403803_oCarlos Cano Landzadera

14720475_10210847553369563_7862345027974909036_n DrShazia Azmi

14680742_194514074290971_1592507049497968283_nSmita Toke

14650348_1150242641749762_2425027943476469994_n Julie Kelly

jana-janka-pechrova-2Jana Janka Pechrová

jana-janka-pechrova-3Jana Janka Pechrová

jana-janka-pechrovaJana Janka Pechrová

cora-van-diem Cora van Diem

maryse-charbonneau Marvse Charbonneau

kim-sherwood-celestino-1 Kim Sherwood Celestino

kim-sherwood-celestino Kim Sherwood Celestino

%e7%b4%a0%e7%be%8e-%e5%90%b3 素美 吳

%e2%80%8esherry-power%e2%80%8e ‎Sherry Power‎

margo-angermillerMargo Angermiller

yvonne-lamb Yvonne Lamb










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