Author Focus – Dorothy Allison

Due to popular demand I have decided to add a weekly author focus to pattern-collections.

During this Focus week you will get various strings and challenges revolving about this VIP.

The first artist I would like to introduce is Dorothy Allison – known for her patterns released under Tied in Tangles.

Dorothy, a retired primary school principal, lives in Australia with her daughters and grandchildren. She began tangling 4 years ago and released many exciting patterns. Links to her blog and Pinterest board can be found on her dedicated author page.

I have prepared a special string for you!

String 7

Look closely! It’s a D and A 🙂

The challenge is to tangle this string with any of the following patterns:

AlAin by Dorothy Allison Buddy by Dorothy Allison Cupol by Dorothy Allison Egyp by Dorothy Allison Jester by Dorothy Allison Onesie by Dorothy Allison Pentnep by Dorothy Allison a-Meeba by Dorothy Allison

During the course of the week I will introduce more of Dorothy’s patterns – more strings – more challenges! Stay tuned!

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