Artist Focus: Ellen Wolters plus free .pdf featuring Mehndi Tangle Art

Hi, fellow tanglers.

Just before Christmas, we bring you a free .pdf featuring Mehndi Tangle Art. My dear friend, Ellen Wolters was kind enough to prepare a video for you. I was shocked when I noticed that we never did an Artist Focus on Ellen! So here it comes 🙂

You all have heard of Ellen, the YouTuber 🙂 You can check her channel right here:

Ellen Wolters on YouTube

Ellen WoltersEllen was aware of people having trouble with drawing certain patterns. Because she loves to teach, she decided to start her YouTube Channel. For her, it’s not hard to figure out how a pattern is drawn. By making a video, as if people watch over her shoulder, she wanted to make it understandable how to draw certain patterns. Should you have trouble with a pattern, send a request and Ellen will create a video just for you! All the positive comments on her videos make her happy. To read that it really helped people is exactly the main reason the Channel exists.

Ellen Wolters lives in The Netherlands/Groningen (it’s in the north) with her husband Marcel and Greek dog, Tico. Her son (almost 17) moved out to live with his dad because of his student program. He will become a marine.

I was lucky enough to meet Ellen in person during Tanglemania in Frankfurt. We had been chatting and exchanging emails for a long time, but let me tell you, Ellen is special. Such a warm-hearted and fun-loving person! We both had the feeling to be longtime friends even though it was the first time we laid eyes on each other.

Tangelmania 2017

Ellen is down to earth and when you mention to her that she is a YouTube star because some of her videos have been viewed nearly half a million times, she blushes!

Ellen has also a website featuring her latest videos, artwork and of course, workshops. But if you really want to be up to date on what Ellen is working on, subscribe to her Facebook Group: She finds it easier to update on Facebook than on a weblog.

When you watch her draw you can see that it comes completely natural to her. Ellen says: “It’s not hard for me to figure out how a pattern is drawn, even without step-outs. I like to share that talent and help others. During TangleMania in Frankfurt Ina taught us Creative Pattern Tangling and inspired us to design our own patterns, just by changing a line in a pattern. Now that is a new challenge for me.

Right now, Ellen is between two assignments. She works for publishers and draws a lot of mandalas and Zentangle® inspired art, flowers, and plants. Ellen says: “Sometimes drawing mandalas is really hard work. To be ready for the deadline I occasionally have to draw 4 mandalas a day. No Zen at all! Good thing my work is my hobby, or better, my hobby, drawing, and coloring, became my work. Inspired by Mehndi Tangle Art introduced at Tanglemania in Frankfurt, I decided to inform my publisher and he is willing to make a dummy for a Mehndi Tangle Art coloring book.

Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters
Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters Mehndi Tangle Art by Ellen Wolters

She also published multiple coloring books. You can view her profile on Amazon.

Besides her self-published books and calendars, she drew over 250 mandalas for a publisher over the past 3 years. Ellen also created some coloring books with Zentangle® inspired art and drawings people can tangle.

 Color me! Mandalas  Color me! Tangles

Her most favorite mediums are coloring pencils. Ellen also likes color her art with alcohol markers, InkTense coloring pencils, and watercolors. Although one will find most of her drawings in grey tones, she usually can’t resist the use of color in her art. Simply because she loves color, any color.

Ellen says: “As mentioned before I like to help people, especially helping to build a website or facebook group with content. Everybody is creative and I like to enable people to discover their creativity. People who say “I cannot draw” trigger me, I then want to teach them.

And of course, she has shared multiple step-outs for patterns with our community.


Banana Straight by Ellen Wolters Brabs by Ellen Wolters Chence by Ellen Wolters Dance of Life by Ellen Wolters Greek Spiral by Ellen Wolters In-Out by Ellen Wolters Kite by Ellen Wolters Ladida by Ellen Wolters Linkchain by Ellen Wolters Miss 1969 by Ellen Wolters Spikebelt by Ellen Wolters Spiraloop by Ellen Wolters

Happy tangling!


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    Your posts are always so helpful, Ina. Thank you for introducing us to Ellen today.


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