Author focus and new pattern update

Hello everyone 🙂

Time for a new author focus! This week we do have Alexandria Diaz and her art work in focus. Cyndee Pelley talked to her and shares the information with us.

Also the new patterns  and also a new string for you!

In the Facebookgroup we also still enjoy the Go-To pattern library.



Nicole 🙂


The new patterns:

Pearlswing by Karin Frank

Heartgo by Karin Frank

HiRise by Sandra Strait

Ping Pong by Karin Frank

Outlander by Chrissie Frampton

Hoofa by Lindy Clarkson

Astra by Jana Pechrová

Fortuna by Simona Cordara

Dark Drops by Niklas Zeugner

Tonga by Chrissie Frampton

Singala by Simona Cordara

The weekly string:

String #33

String #33

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