Daily Pattern Focus

Time to send out a post again 🙂

With all the work on the database, website, and adding new patterns I found myself getting stressed. There was just no time to tangle!

When I saw the beautiful work by Alexandra Funda, showing 10 cards all using the same pattern, and all looking different, I came up with this idea:

A Daily Pattern Focus – for all the people that want to do journalling or learn a new pattern every day. It’s so much more fun doing a project like this in a group. Anyone can join at any time – as often as they like. Only feel like tangling on the weekend? No problem, participate on those days only. And now I have a reason to tangle again too!

At the same time the pretty artwork can be used as inspiration for others. When I announce the new pattern for the day, all participants have 24 hours to submit their artwork in our Facebook group. The next day I download the images, fix them up (white balance, contrast, size) and upload them on the patterns page.

Just have a look at the first Daily Pattern Focus – Double Barrel – scroll all the way down and see what the other tanglers created using this pattern!

You can submit any kind of artwork that contains the pattern. There are no rules in regard to color or shape.

If you want to participate and don’t know where to find the daily pattern focus, go to the homepage of pattern-collections and click on Pattern Focus.

Pattern Focus

Already on the second day I ran into trouble. I picked Lichen by Elaine Benfatto. Elaine created that pattern in 2011 and thought it was ‘safe’. Further investigation showed that a similar pattern was introduced in 2010 under the name of Warped Eggs by Livia Chua. And to complete the confusion, it turned out that in 2013 Jennifer Hohensteiner named a pattern Lichen as well.

What to do now? I am not the pattern-police. My rule will be that only the oldest version will be listed in the database, unless there is a good reason to do so otherwise. And this scenario provides the perfect example.

  • Warped Eggs is drawn on a dot grid, using S-Shapes
  • Lichen is drawn on a pencil grid using C-Shapes

The result may seem the same, BUT each step-out has advantages and disadvantages. You can easily draw Warped Eggs when your dot grid is straight. Try and add dimension to it and you will see that it’s hard. Doing the same using a pencil grid makes it possible draw a distorted grid and adjust the C-Shapes accordingly.

In meditative drawing the pencil grid cannot be erased. If you don’t like to see the pencil grid and don’t want to use an eraser, then Warped Eggs is the step-out to follow. This explains why each pattern in the database has an extra field ‘Zen-Yes’ and ‘Zen-No’. Warped Eggs would be marked as ‘Zen-Yes’, Lichen would be marked as ‘Zen-No’.

One more question I need to answer:

Will you send out a post everyday?
Nope – I am not going to fill mailboxes. Here and there I might point out an interesting pattern, but generally you will need to either look in the Facebook group, or click the Pattern Focus button on the homepage.

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