New patterns added 9th July – 15th July

It has been a busy week again. I am playing with different layouts for pattern submissions. It won’t be long and pattern designers will be able to submit patterns themselves. At first I thought that it would be time to get rid of the pink frame – turned out that everone LOVES the pink. It has become the trademark for pattern-collections and high quality step-outs.

For the next week I will design different templates. Scroll down a bit and you will notice that Squinky and Marigolden for example only have a pink border. This allows pattern designers to write the name of the pattern in the box provided. After they upload their pattern, it will be visible. To be added to the database the pattern needs to be ‘approved’. After approval the box will change to pink (like you see below on Funky Town).

A detailed post including all the various templates will follow shortly.

Have a great week! ZenHugs πŸ™‚

Funky Town by Jennidee Mills

Strident by Jennidee Mills

Youie by Jennidee Mills

Steep by Jennidee Mills

Peasley by Jennidee Mills

Hexiloop by Jennidee Mills

Squinky by Stacy Caraway

Marigolden by Stacy Caraway

Double Barrel by Erika Kehlet

Barrell Roll by Erika Kehlet

Lockets by Anja Meeter

Ups and Downs by Anja Meeter

Sandswirly Up'n Down by Boubi Grec

Spiked Sandswirl by Boubi Grec

Elata by Shazia

Heart Lace by Shazia

DoughNut by Shazia

Wire Basket by Sharon Paz

Gouttes by Sharon Paz

Nanni by Dorte Seupel-Kor

Andora by Sharon Paz

Boubi-Poke by Boubi Grec

Lupin by Alena Light

Grubs Squiggle by Kathrin GΓΌssow

JI by Cynthia Kumala

Dragonfly by Sharon Paz

I am by Kris Christen

Marguerite by Sharon Paz

MeetingZ by Karin Klang-Meier

Flowking by Karin Klang-Meier

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