Beginner Guide – Part 8

String? or no string?

A string is a simple way to divide your tile into different sections. If you are not intimidated by a blank tile, you may as well begin with a pattern; without a string. This is especially appropriate when we move onto Freeform patterns.

Wormhole Spiral

Wormhole Spiral can move into any direction. You can start in one corner and grow it. The pattern requires you draw the first step in pencil. After shading, the pencil line will be invisible.

From here on you can complete the tile with Filler patterns (the ones we covered in the previous 7 parts).

FestuneTOO by Ina Sonnenmoser

Freeform patterns usually create the focus of your tile. From then on you grow the tile using different patterns to add detail.

FestuneTOO artwork by YuRu Chen
FestuneTOO artwork by YuRu Chen


Ur-Chen by Tricia Long

Practice the 3 new patterns. Each one contains a different technique that will come in handy when trying more difficult patterns in the future.

Wormhole Spiral and FestuneToo contain very detailed instructions in regard to the direction your lines should be drawn.

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