Beginners Guide Part 6

Filler patterns – you can never have enough of them in your collection!


Instead of filling an area with circles like you would using Tipple, try spirals! Some people prefer drawing spirals from the inside out, others draw from the outside to the inside.

For a quick fill, try Ripped Screen:

Ripped Screen by Alice Hendon

Staying with the linear option, try Nipa or Diva Dance

Modern Nipa 1Diva Dance

Crescent Moon is a classic.

Crescent Moon

And for a more organic feel, try Carpet Daisy, Leaf Explosion or Vivid.

Carpet Daisy by Erika KehletLeaf Explosion by Samantha MittererVivid by Ina Sonnenmoser

To exercise with Filler patterns, create a Duotangle – pick one of the organic filler patterns as the focus of your tile. Then fill the surrounding area with another filler pattern.

Please share your completed tiles with us in our Facebook Group: Tangle It! Pattern Club.
Printemps Artwork by Yu Ru Chen

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